What is the salary of the clerk of the court session?

What is the salary of the clerk of the court session?

  • A friend works for seniority and experience. The salary is a small salary of 10000 thousands. There is a lot of paperwork. I would not advise. It is strange that the work of lawyers is paid so little. But you can go higher after the secretary.

  • Salary 10 thousand, vacation pay 22 thousand, non-state employee, and a technical worker! Work "above the roof" and after 17 hours I stay and sit in court on weekends. The court clerk has a salary of 15 thousand, vacation pay 40 thousand

  • My girlfriend works as a court clerk at a court station in the Moscow suburbs (the Justice of the Peace leads the meeting). Salary (salary) 18000 rubles. Her working day is from 9: 00 to 18: 00 (Friday to 17: 00) with a standard lunch break. The work is not very pleasant, because in addition to participation in court sessions, it is necessary to process a huge amount of documents, conduct business, and constantly communicate with inadequate people (often talks about how people get divorced, while they watered each other with buckets of dirt, figuratively arrange fights, mutual insults, while constantly trying to involve in their disassembly of the workers of the judicial sector).

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