Will Decree No.3 on parasitism be repealed (Belarus)?

Will Decree No.3 on parasitism be repealed (Belarus)?

  • Decree 3 on parasitism (Belarus), or as it is correctly called "On the prevention of social dependency", may be canceled, but after the number of "parasites" is reduced.

    For now, unemployment exists in the country, there is someone to request a tax to replenish the treasury.

    I read on one site that because of this decree on parasitism, there is no vacancy for janitors. The conclusion is simple - when everyone gets a job, Decree 3 will be canceled immediately.

  • It is too early to talk about this, and the question of repealing the Decree of 3 at the present time is not being considered. But in the decree itself there is a point saying that it can be canceled. However, only the National Assembly can revoke it.

  • Let the state give work, e no !!!! global reduction !!! the son came from the army and gave his military duty, and we can’t find a job for a year and a half, like myself. Pay tax from what will ??? Earnings left no. How to live ???

  • It was not for this that President Lukashenko received him, so that he was "immediately canceled" ...

    As for the hopes that the parliament of the Republic of Belarus will not accept it - it can only cause laughter. For 20 years, parliament has almost unanimously voted for all the decrees and decrees of Lukashenka and never He did not contradict him: after all, the deputies receive their salaries in the accounting department of the Presidential Property Management Department (parliament does not have its own accounting department), and they go to parliament on a list agreed and approved by the AHL itself: there were no oppositionists there and will not be there.

  • When reading this Decree, or as the people call it "the law on tuyadism (parasites)", I drew attention to the very last paragraph, this is paragraph 18. I quote literally:

    Will Decree No.3 on parasitism be repealed (Belarus)?

    (temporarily - my emphasis)

    As you can see, it is written that the Decree is adopted as a temporary measure. At least, I would like to hope for it. But when it is canceled, or rather how much it will act, it is not known.

  • The decree of 3 on parasitism, which came into force from April this year, and has a temporary effect, until its National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus repeals it, will definitely not be abolished this year, and next it will be seen, as signatures of people under the petition against it are collected of the law, about 12 thousand signatures have been collected, and then the National Assembly can consider repealing this law.

  • The Decree of 3 on parasitism is a source of budget replenishment, and since Belarus is also in crisis, the budget must somehow be replenished, so why not replenish it at the expense of parasites. So far, there are no objective reasons for repealing the decree, and whether it will be canceled at all, the same is not known. This decree has both supporters and opponents. If the decree was adopted for a certain period of time, it may be canceled, if not, then it will exist, and parasites will replenish the treasury of the country.

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