In what cases is the hospital paid in 100% of the volume and why?

In what cases is the hospital paid in 100% of the volume and why?

  • The size of the hospital depends on the length of service and average earnings. When calculating the hospital takes the average earnings for the previous two years. A hospital is paid in one hundred percent of the average earnings if the experience is more than eight years.

  • In the case of pregnancy, the sick-list is paid in the amount of 100%. If the length of service is more than 6 months, if the length of the experience is less than 6, then the sick-list is paid on the basis of the minimum wage. 100% sick leave is paid to workers who have received an occupational injury or occupational disease. But in this case there is a limit of payments. Too much will not give.

  • If your work experience is at least 8 years, then you will be paid sick leave in the amount of 100 percent of your average monthly earnings. The procedure for calculating this average earnings has many features: it is taken into account in the two years preceding the month of the disease.

  • The sick-list is paid depending on insurance insurance and salary for the two preceding years of the year of occurrence of the insured event (that is, in this 2015 year the salary of 2014 and 2013 is taken into account) .100% is for 8 or more years, 80% from 5 to 8 years, less than 5 years 60%.

    100% is paid for maternity sick leave, as well as sick leave for work injuries.

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