Are England and Britain the same thing?

Are England and Britain the same thing?

  • England is part of Britain (Great Britain). The capital of Great Britain, London, is located in England, as well as Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and other cities. In addition to England, the UK includes Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and several dozen other islands.

  • To the answer of Nastya 598 I will add that it is not so much the same thing that England has its own flag and especially patriotic British, I saw it in films more than once, they hang it on their houses.

    Are England and Britain the same thing?

  • This is not the same thing.

    ENGLAND (England - late Lat. Anglia), the administrative and political part of Great Britain, its historical core. 131 thousand km2 (54% of the area of ​​the state). 46,2 million people (2001). The main city is London. Administratively divided into 39 counties and 6 metropolitan counties and B. London. The name is from the ancient Germanic tribe of the Angles. Sometimes the name "England" is used to refer to the UK as a whole.

    UNITED KINGDOM - Britain, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, a state in the North-West. Europe, the British Isles (Great Britain and the northeastern part of Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands). 244,1 thousand km2. Population 58,1 million people (2003), including 80% - British, 15% - Scots, Welsh (or Welsh) and Irish. Urban population 91% (2005). The official language is English. Most believers are Protestants. Great Britain consists of 4 administrative and political parts (historical provinces): England, Wales (8 counties), Scotland (9 regions and an island territory) and North. Ireland (26 counties). A special regime has been established for Fr. Maine and Channel Islands. Capital London. Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy. The head of state is the king (queen). The legislature is a bicameral parliament (House of Commons and House of Lords). Great Britain leads the Commonwealth.

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