How and why will our century be called in future history?

How and why will our century be called in future history?

  • I think that if there is no Third World War, then in the future our century will be called the Troubled Age, or some synonymous adjective will be chosen for this phrase. They will call it that, because this century is really shaping up.Autumn is alarming for the whole world, because the world is constantly on the edge of a knife, various military conflicts constantly arise in different corners of the earth, various forces are constantly balancing among themselves, an arms race is constantly taking place and various major scandals occur in the international, geopolitical arena. If there is a Third World War, then this century will most likely be called either bloody or bipolar, because the world can no longer be called unipolar in the 21st century.

  • The Age of Optimization.

    It has long been clear that the accumulated human potential is excessive for the survival of mankind. Nuclear weapons reduce the meaning of a global war to zero. Local conflicts will be extinguished by achieving optimization of various ideologies. Moreover, the number of people who do not profess any religion already ranks third among the confessions.

    By 2050, the development of medical technology is predicted to a level that ensures immortality from natural causes.

    Further, it will become possible to satisfy all the reasonable needs of all living.

    The craving for knowing oneself and the Universe will remain unsatisfied.

    The universe has created a mind for its own comprehension. There is no mind - there is no universe.

    The universe does not care who will comprehend it - we, dolphins, aliens, someone else ...

  • Usually, when naming centuries, somehow they so modestly bypass wars and other disasters ... they simply call it - the Iron Age, the Age of Enlightenment, the Golden Age of Literature, the Space Age ... here is ours, they will call it some kind of computer ...

  • There are two possible names for our century:

    1. The first thermonuclear age. Because everything goes to the fact that in this belief the first thermonuclear reactors will appear.

    1. The end of the gasoline era or the age of the death of oil. Electric cars are already starting to take over the passenger car market.

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