What month is Lipen?

What month is Lipen?

  • Lipen - from the Belarusian language, the translation means July. It's linden time. But August is the stubble, at this time of the work of the reapers. In general, in the Belarusian language, the names of the months say a little about the secrets of nature. Grass is May. Fierce - this is February, this time is really fierce for animals and people.

  • It depends on what language the name of the month is pronounced. If in Ukrainian, then Lipen means July... In the Belarusian language "lpen" is also July, as in the Polish "lipiec", in the Lithuanian "liepa". But in the Croatian language "lipanj" is called the month of June.

  • Lipen is the Old Slavonic name of one of the summer months, which is still used by some Slavic and related peoples. It is believed that the name Lipen came from the fact that in this month linden bloom. Lipen is the name of the month July among Ukrainians (lipen), Belarusians (lapeni) and Poles (lipiec), as well as Lithuanians (liepa). But the Croats called the month June (lipanj), apparently they are beginning to bloom earlier in the south.

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