What is the population of Wales?

What is the population of Wales?

  • Wales is not even a country, but an administrative part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

    The population is just over three million people.

    Nevertheless, the Wales footballers beat Russia in football.

    Quantity does not always play a decisive role.

  • Wales is one of the four administrative and political parts of Great Britain. Namely Wales is located in the southwestern part.

    So, with regard to the population of the administrative part of Great Britain, it slightly exceeds three million people.

  • I think there are at least three million people. Although who knows

  • Judging by the census of the Welsh population, which was carried out in 2011 (this is not such a long story, literally 5 years ago, everything happened), then 3 million and several tens of thousands of people lived in Wales.

    I think these statistics are accurate enough. And if we talk about 2016, then the population of Wales, in my opinion, probably increased for demographic or some economic reasons. This is natural and fits into the pattern of increasing the world's population. However, I am sure that this increase is not radical, and the overall picture remains the same - about three million human.

  • population of Wales 3 million + 1 million in large numbers

    What is the population of Wales?

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