What kind of water is called hard?

What kind of water is called hard?

  • Hard water - with a high content of salts (mainly calcium).

    It is saturated with them most often, flowing through the mass of limestone (the remains of living organisms that lived millions of years ago).

    When boiled, a chalky precipitate falls out.

  • Hard water is water with a high content of salts, mainly Calcium and Magnesium, which are also called hardness salts, as well as other salts. The more of them, the greater the hardness of the water and, accordingly, the less, the softer. Hard water dries the skin, does not wash well and does not wash away the foam well, and also causes the appearance of sediment and scale. Drinking hard or soft water is not hazardous to health. The taste of water from springs is obtained precisely because of the hardness salts.

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