When and where will Jamala's concert take place in Russia?

When and where will Jamala's concert take place in Russia?

  • Jamala will not come to Russia with concerts very soon. At least from his comments on this, one can draw the following conclusion. Jamala said that she would come to the Russian Federation to give concerts only on condition of normalization of relations between Russia and Ukraine, the end of the war in Donbass and the return of Crimea to Ukraine. At the moment, these things seem far from reality. In addition, it is known that Jamala takes a clear pro-Ukrainian position and is firmly in his own right, so in the near future, performances in Russia are not in Jamala's plans. It is now May 2016.

  • Jamala's tour in Russia is not planned. It couldn't have been. Currently, the singer, willingly or unwillingly, has become both the flag of Ukraine and a hostage at the same time. As they say, he called himself a load - climb into the back. Honored Artist of Ukraine, whom Pan Poroshenko himself bestowed with the title, will not visit Russia soon on tour.

  • Concerts of the singer Jamala, which may someday take place in Russia, are out of the question.

    Although it recently became known that the singer's parents received Russian citizenship, and they have their own hotel in Crimea.

    Jamala herself, also performed in Russia more than once, earlier. Jamala performed in the city of Sochi, in one of the restaurants.

    But it is not known how things will be now, most likely, in the near future, Jamala will not have concerts in Russia.

    When and where will Jamala's concert take place in Russia?

  • Jamala really hoped to get the highest score from Russia. She has many relatives in Russia and knows that many support her. Nothing is known about the concerts, but in one of the interviews given to the "Interlocutor" publication she made the following statement:

    When and where will Jamala's concert take place in Russia?

    When and where will Jamala's concert take place in Russia?

    Such a statement suggests that there is undoubtedly political influence and the singer, to some extent, succumbed to them.

  • There is no exact information, tk. Jamala won first place just today and do you think now they won't have concerts right away? The concert in Russia will definitely be in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Most likely the concert will be in the summer.

    Watch the news every day, maybe you will find something 🙂

  • When and where will Jamala's concert take place in Russia?

    In the coming year, Jamal will definitely not be touring Russia. And in the future, it is unlikely that her foot will set foot in Russia. You understand that Jamala made a lot of statements in relation to Russia. And ordinary Russian people will not understand if the organizers decide to invite her. And Jamala herself is not eager to go to Russia. In Ukraine, she is an idol for the next year. There he will tour.

  • I don't think Jamala will come to Russia with concerts. At least in the coming months. In short, for now, Ukrainian nationalists will put pressure on her, as they are doing now in relation to Ani Lorak or Taisiya Povaliy. I do not think that Jamala will want to be humiliated, as well as to disrupt her concerts in Ukraine due to the fact that she is on tour in Russia.

    Therefore, she will not come to us in the near future. So that, by the way, she does not lose her new title of People's Artist of Ukraine, which she was awarded for winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. And how easy it was given, so easily it will be taken away.

    And in vain she will not come to us! On the "New Wave" our audience welcomed her well, she was given the victory. Yes, and our audience is multimillion, the artist immediately becomes popular. But Jamala is a hostage of the situation and politics. She accepted the new government of Ukraine, which means she is against Russia. That was exactly what she said in the drawing of pranksters Vovan and Lexus on the phone.

    Well, let him tour outside of Russia, this is her choice.

  • No, well, what is the audacity of this singer: "Let the war in Donbass end, the question is - in whose favor will the victory be? Let Crimea return because of Jamala's concerts. Russia should return Crimea to Ukraine? And then I will come to Russia with a big concert." Well, I think Jamala will probably grow old and never come to Russia.

    What I personally do not regret at all. Maybe she has not bad vocal abilities or her own original style of performance, I am not very familiar with her work, but besides that, there is also the usual human decency. If the performer becomes an instrument in the political machine of his state, it does him no credit.

    And Jamala will not come to us for completely different reasons. They were well covered in the first part of his answer by author Tju 924K. It is simply not profitable for her now, first it is necessary to squeeze out everything that is possible from Ukraine, and then it will be seen. If you play political games, then you have to pay for it.

  • At the moment, not a single concert is officially planned for the singer Jamala in Russia.

    Yesterday Petro Poroshenko (President of Ukraine) by his decree awarded Susanna Dzhamaladinova the honorary title of People's Artist of Ukraine for winning the Eurovision-2016 song contest.

    In this regard, I am afraid that Jamala's concerts in Russia will not take place soon.

    In my opinion, Jamala will now be positioned by the Ukrainian authorities as one of the symbols of the "New Ukraine", and for such figures the entrance to Russia will be closed, both by the Russian authorities and by the Ukrainian ones.

    In fact, it is quite sad when creativity gets in the way of politics.

    When and where will Jamala's concert take place in Russia?

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