How many years do children study in Ukrainian schools, at what age do they graduate?

How many years do children study in Ukrainian schools, at what age do they graduate?

  • Children in Ukraine go to school from the age of 6 and study there for 10 years. But from this year the children will study for 12 years. It turns out that if they were released at the age of 16, now I will be released at the age of 18. Something like this. My grandchildren are going to school this year, and it seems to me that 12 years is a lot. But we do not invent the laws.

  • So far, today, children have been in school for 11 years.

    For example, the class in which my daughter studied is the eldest, now graduation, 11th. The daughter left school after the 10th grade, went to study, and classmates are finishing their full school education this spring.

    Yes, now there is talk about school reform, a new broom ... oh, the new minister of education came with a new idea - a 12-year general education school. But it is still unknown what and how the deputies will receive. Many people are FOR, and many are against. Especially against parents, children. And many experts are also not happy. Because it is not necessary to add the number of years, but to revise the essence of the entire educational process. The load on children is already huge, there are a lot of unnecessary items, everything is built on memorizing and doing homework. Children get tired and are not interested in learning. And the teachers are tortured with reports and other burdens. There is no place now in the school for either personality or creativity.

    Therefore, while there are debates about the reform.

    About age. They sent their daughter to school at 6.5 years old, now she is 17.5 years old, other graduates are 17-18 years old (whoever started their studies at 6 or 7 years old).

    I hope that the youngest daughter (she is in the 6th grade) will have an 11-year "term" left.

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