In what year was the Constitution of the USSR adopted?

In what year was the Constitution of the USSR adopted?

  • The "Constitution (Basic Law) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" was adopted by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on October 7, 1977. In connection with this event, I remember, I was asked at school to write an essay on the topic "What I see behind the lines of the Constitution." And so the Constitutions of the USSR were adopted in 1924, 1936 and 1977. The very first Soviet constitution was the 1918 Constitution of the RSFSR.

  • Which one?

    The first was adopted in 1924, the first, the USSR already existed.

    The next, called the "Stalin's Constitution", the Constitution of victorious socialism - in 1936.

    Then there was the 1977 Constitution - Brezhnev.

    The most, of course, often remembered and mentioned is Stalin's. You can still find touching red books with the publication of this Basic Law of the USSR from collectors and second-hand booksellers.

  • The USSR Constitution was adopted in January 1924

  • This can be learned by years, starting from the year of the formation of the USSR. In 1922 the USSR was formed, in 1923 the Council of People's Commissars (SNK) under the leadership of V.I. Lenin. In 1924, the first Constitution of the USSR was adopted. Published in 1924.

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