I am resting with my grandmother in the village. Is it good or bad?

I am resting with my grandmother in the village. Is it good or bad?

  • This sounds unusual to me. Opposite concepts. "Rest-village". However, this image formed in me as a villager. Who, at the behest of the new capitalists, has fled to the city since the beginning of the 90s in order to somehow gain experience in the work book. In the village, a timber industry and a state farm were privatized, the equipment was taken away somewhere. People were left without a salary and experience.

    It is a pity that, at the behest of the mice, I returned to the village. And then this HFRS grabbed by arriving on a visit to the village. And you would be in the city, you see, and would have gained experience, for a pension. In the future, only city dwellers will receive a good pension. And domestic agricultural producers who are tolerating today, as a rule, will not receive a good pension. Those who managed to be a collective farmer under the USSR only get it today. On the contrary, they suggest punishing the surviving villagers, since they are parasites from the point of view of deputies and bosses. If the law is passed, then almost all the villagers can be exiled to Siberia.

    Therefore, it is good that you are spending time in the country. I also love the countryside. He only left for money. However, I do not recommend trying to earn a pension in the village. Now, few places in the village draw up an employment contract under the Labor Code, at least I have never met.

  • it's just a class, a grandmother will give you a beer with sweets, eat milk pop, the air is clean in the morning God, yes it is

    I am resting with my grandmother in the village. Is it good or bad?

    pure pleasure

  • It is wonderful to rest with granny in the village! Nowhere and never will you be able to eat such delicious pies) breathe fresh air, sleep on the stove, if there is one. And the country bath is what happiness) so take a rest and do not try to go to the city bustle)

  • This is very good, I think so. After all, you need to take a break from urban stability and breathe fresh air at least once a year. It's good for you to rest)

  • If you have a rest, then it is good.

    If you get tired, then it's bad.

    If then there is nothing to brag about, then it’s bespontovo.

  • Resting with your grandmother in the village is neither good nor bad.

    Relaxing with your grandmother in the village is delightful!

    In the morning, when the warm rays of the sun peep into the cracks of the shutters, and you are still basking in bed, stretching sweetly, your grandmother has already prepared you a delicious and aromatic breakfast. After all, there is nothing in the world tastier than a freshly baked crust of homemade bread and a mug of fresh milk.

    And what about grandma's Varenets, with which no yogurt and other bright bottles on store shelves, filled with incomprehensible drinks, can be compared!

    And what large eggs are given by the grandmother's hens, who are busy walking around the yard!

    And there are a lot of different wonderful moments in my grandmother's life in the village!

  • Of course, outdoor recreation in summer is a great pastime. It is not always possible to go somewhere far away, to the sea, but you can often relax away from the bustle of the city in a country house or in the village with your grandmother. There you can provide her with practical help, harvesting, growing it, doing household chores, and it is also good for health, the air is cleaner and healthier.

    I am resting with my grandmother in the village. Is it good or bad?

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