Which country occupies the whole continent?

Which country occupies the whole continent?

  • In total, we have six continents on the planet, of which one is very sparsely populated, and then only by the workers of the polar stations (Antarctica). It remains five, our Eurasia, where many countries, in both Americas, countries are smaller, but not exactly one at a time. Africa is also full of states. It remains one, the smallest continent, it Australia, its territory is occupied only by one Australian Union.

  • All continents of the Earth have long been divided between countries and on each of them there are no less than a dozen of these countries. The exception is the two southern continents discovered by Europeans later than anyone else. Harsh Antarctica does not belong to anyone and there are no countries on it, but Australia is both the mainland and the name of the country that occupies this continent. The funny thing about this situation is that even occupying an entire continent, one of six in existence, Australia is not the largest country in the world. In terms of area, it is only in 6th place. So imagine how tiny this continent is - Australia.

    Which country occupies the whole continent?

  • From the school geography course we know that the country occupying the whole continent is Australia. You can verify this by looking at the political map of the world. There are no more such countries in the world. But Russia is located in the territory of mainland Eurasia, but it does not fully occupy it. Although our country is the largest in the world.

  • This is Australia. Unless, of course, to consider Australia an independent continent, and then some scientists still do not agree.

  • This is one of the most developed and safe countries. Country mainland Australia. It was at one time under the authority of England and is still theoretically under the authority of the English crown. The main inhabitants of Australia are people from England. Rather, even say the criminals who were there in penal servitude.

  • This continent is Australia. Its peculiarity is that most of it is poorly habitable; there is no water and vegetation. Such a space landscape made of red clay. There were no people willing to open one more country there. And all the other decent places immigrants mainly from England settled and so created Australia.

  • From the course of the school curriculum in geography it is well known that the country occupying the whole continent is Australia, which is located in the Southern Hemisphere, by the way, in addition to this, this country also owns the island of Tasmania.

  • A big country on the smallest continent is Australia. And the continent of Australia and the country of Australia. Just because this country is the only one on this continent. And there is little talk about living there, and the kangaroo was taken away from the natives.

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