How to count calories to lose weight? We count calories and lose weight. Counting calories: table

In recent years, the problem of obesity has been extremely acute. Many of the people are preoccupied with losing weight. All kinds of diets, teas, pills - all of this is used as a means of gaining former harmony. But there is another system that can lead to success. Nothing special, if you stick to it, you don't have to do it - you just count calories and lose weight.

how to count calories to lose weight

System Features

How to count calories to lose weight has been known for a long time. This technique was invented at the beginning of the last century. It's another matter that before such an urgent need for it did not arise. Times have changed today. Many of us still doubt the effectiveness of this method and ask the burning question, is it possible to lose weight by counting calories. Nutritionists around the world answer in the affirmative. What's more, they believe it is the most effective way to help reduce the energy value of the daily diet. If you are in doubt as to whether you need to count calories, check with your healthcare professional. Perhaps his words will convince you.

We count calories and lose weight: all the advantages of the method

The theory of calculating the energy value of foods is a kind of diet (let's call it conditionally "Counting calories"), which must be followed not once, but throughout life. It has its own advantages, which you will be able to appreciate as soon as you begin to adhere to its basic rules.

  1. You will be able to notice the effectiveness of the method to become slim within a month.
  2. If you are attracted by the Calorie Counting diet, the menu can be very varied. Absolutely all dishes are allowed here. Another thing is that you can eat them in limited quantities.
  3. Weight is shed naturally. You will not give up delicious and healthy foods. You won't have any digestive problems.
  4. The result achieved with this method will last for a very long time, if not permanently. The point is that over time, you will understand how to count calories in foods. This will become a habit with you. Without compulsion, you will begin to eat only this way - counting calories. Consequently, the body will not suffer from overeating, and the weight will be normal.

Disadvantages of losing weight with this method

All the disadvantages of the diet "count calories and lose weight" are purely subjective. You may be scared off by 2 factors:

  • The complexity of the calculation.
  • Irrepressible desire to exceed the daily rate.

counting calories and losing weight

With the second, everything is clear. This happens from time to time to everyone who has ever been on a diet. Psychological methods can work here that can help you, for example, hang on the refrigerator a picture of a slim movie star you would like to be like. Or your photo, where you are beautiful, slender, attracting the eyes of all men. Don't you want to be like this again? As you know, nothing happens without labor. Therefore, it is worth collecting your willpower into a fist. Later, after a few months, such thoughtful eating will become a habit for you. And you will automatically cook without thinking about how to count calories in order to lose weight.

Stylish clothes that are a couple of sizes smaller can be a good incentive. The desire to get into these wonderful little things as soon as possible works wonders at times, and we do not deviate from our goal - we just count calories and lose weight. And soon the dream comes true.

As for the difficulties with counting calories, they are noticeable only in the first weeks. Then you will already know by heart the energy value of this or that product.

Little arithmetic

So, we made the decision to count calories from today. A table of foods with an indication of their energy value will help you with this. But before turning to it, you need to know the daily calorie requirement of the human body. See what nutritionists have to say about it.


  • For young ladies (14-17 years old), 2760 kcal per day is enough.
  • Pregnant young women - 3200 kcal.
  • Nursing a baby - 3500 kcal.
  • Students - 2800 kcal.
    counting calories table

Sedentary and knowledge workers

  • Women (18-40 years old) - from 2400 to 2600 kcal.
  • Women (40-60 years old) - from 2200 to 2400 kcal.

Service workers (seller, postman, etc.)

  • Women (18-40 years old) - from 2500 to 2750 kcal.
  • Women (40-60 years old) - from 2350 to 2550 kcal.

Heavy manual workers

  • Women (18-40 years old) - from 2700 to 2900 kcal.
  • Women (40-60 years old) - from 2500 to 2700 kcal.

People of retirement age

  • Women (60-70 years old) - from 2100 to 2200 kcal.
  • Women over 70 years old - 2000 kcal.

This data is scientifically called the optimal calorie corridor. You just need to look into them if you are attracted by the Calorie Count Diet. The table will tell you how many of them per day are acceptable for you. If the energy value of all the dishes included in your daily menu is higher, then you are overeating. In that case, you shouldn't be surprised where the excess fat came from on the sides and why you can't fit into last year's pretty jeans.

How do you know your calorie baseline yourself?

The information provided by nutritionists is, of course, invaluable help, but you should not discount the individual characteristics of each person. Fighting excess weight depends on many factors. These are height and weight, metabolic features, lifestyle, sports. After all, all these indicators are individual. There is a special formula that helps to determine exactly your need for a daily amount of food and their energy value.

It is simple:

  • For women, it looks like this: 650 + 9,6 x (weight) + 1,8 x (height) - 4,7 x (age).
  • For men, it's a little different: 60 + 13,7 x (weight) + 5 x (height) - 6,8 x (age).

The data obtained should be multiplied by one more factor. It depends on some individual characteristics. Multiply by:

  1. 1,3 if you are sedentary.
  2. 1,4 if you exercise 4 hours a week.
  3. 1,5, if you devote 6 hours a week to sports, while moving a lot.
  4. 1,7 if sport is your best friend for 12 hours a week.

The resulting data will be your baseline. If you want to gain weight, increase the number by 20%. If you want, on the contrary, to lose weight, reduce the resulting figure by 20%.

How to get used to counting calories

No one denies that at first this approach to preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner will tire you. After all, this is rather unusual. But over time you will get used to it.

count calories and lose weight table

After all, we cook almost the same dishes for home, which alternate with some frequency. Holidays are an exception. But there are many low-calorie recipes for special occasions. A low energy value does not mean at all that they are tasteless. What delicious! And you will see for yourself.

So, starting today, we are counting calories. A table is a table, but you will have to do most of the work yourself.

  1. Experts advise keeping a food diary for this purpose. There you will have to write down everything that you ate during the day. Be sure to include the weight of foods in grams and the number of calories they contain. So, for example, if a sliced ​​loaf, so beloved by you, contains 100 kcal per 264 g of the product, and you ate 200 g for breakfast, then you will have to write down - 528 kcal.
  2. how to count calories in foods

    Changes should be made to the diary not once a day, but after each meal. Even if you took a snack with a regular apple or banana, be sure to write down the calories and weight. This is necessary in order to adjust the dinner. If you ate too high-calorie foods during the day, dinner should be made as light as possible. Calculate how many calories you have left in reserve, and try to keep within this figure.

If you are skeptical about this method and believe that you are eating right, nutritionists suggest doing a simple test. Write down everything you have eaten for today, and then calculate what the energy value of the foods you eat is. You will learn a lot of interesting things for yourself. In addition, you will see what foods can be excluded from the diet without prejudice.

Some useful rules

We made a decision - counting calories and losing weight. The table is our main assistant in this matter. But do not overlook the following points to help you understand how to count calories in order to lose weight.

  1. The calorie content of tea and water is considered zero. But this is without any additions. So, only the calories of sugar, milk, jam and everything that you put in tea are considered.
  2. If you are preparing a complex dish, then its energy value consists of the energy value of all components. Therefore, each component will have to be calculated.
  3. When frying, take into account the calorie content of not only processed foods, but also oils (about 20% is spent on frying).

Interchangeability of products

The good thing about a calorie-based diet is that it doesn't force us to give up our favorite foods and eating habits. If you want chocolate, why not try it? Just not the whole tile, but a small piece. Do not forget to calculate how many calories it contains. You need to do this only the first time and write down the result. In the future, you will already know the energy value of the chocolate square.

But it is best to use the principle of product interchangeability in cooking. For example:

  • You have a sweet tooth. Without treats, you feel irritable - and always in a bad mood. There is a way out. Replace candy with marshmallow or marshmallow. They have no fat at all, but they are just as sweet and delicious.
  • Whipped cream or curd mousse can be used in place of ice cream or cream.
  • Do you like cutlets? No problem, steam them. Tasty, satisfying, and most importantly - healthy.
  • Be careful with your coffee. Unlike tea, coffee is already food. Quite a high-calorie drink. In addition, it is absorbed by the body for a long time. If you want to lose weight, it's best to switch to chicory.
  • Soda is also high in calories. Replace it with mineral water, and if you want something sweet, give preference to natural juice.
  • It is better to buy bran-added bread products. Not only do they speed up metabolic processes and cleanse the body, but they are also considered the lowest calorie foods.

Dr. Bormental's diet: counting calories

One of the most popular diet programs today. Its name is rather arbitrary, since Dr. Bormental existed only in Bulgakov's "Heart of a Dog". In nature, there is no such doctor at all and never has been, and a methodology has been developed by leading psychotherapists and nutritionists. It is based on calorie counting and psychological aspects of our behavior.

lose weight by counting calories, reviews

It's no secret that many of us often eat food without even feeling hungry. Someone agrees to taste a wonderful delicacy for the company with a friend. Someone seizes stress and resentment with their favorite delicacies, Someone comes up to the refrigerator out of boredom, opens the door and reaches out to something that you can easily do without at the moment. Some people consume food just out of habit. For example, when watching your favorite TV series (eat, because I always did that).

So, experts unanimously argue that first you need to establish the cause of overeating and then fight it. Simple recommendations from "Bormental" will help in this. And they are as follows:

  1. We'll have to forget about products that do not give a feeling of satiety (sweet kefir, yoghurts).
  2. It is better to take food hot.
  3. Limit the use of alcohol, spices and spicy foods, as this provokes appetite.
  4. Eat little, but often. The best option is 7-8 times a day.
  5. The intervals between meals should not exceed more than 5 hours.
  6. Dinner should be 4 hours before bedtime.

Voice of the people: reviews of the calorie-counting weight loss system

Be that as it may, it is useful to listen to those who have long been building their lives according to this method. How did they deal with the first difficulties? Did you get the desired result quickly? And in general, is it possible to lose weight by counting calories. Reviews convince us that it is possible. Judge for yourself.

  • Some people manage to lose 100 kg in 11 days. It's even faster than numerous calculators on the Internet promise. The first week is usually the most satisfying - up to 1700 kcal per day, the second - up to 1500 kcal, the third - up to 1200 kcal. To achieve a more effective result, people also limit fat to 40 g per day.
  • According to others, the main thing in such a diet is calculating the ratio of carbohydrates-fat-proteins. And also all kinds of vitamins, hepatoprotectors, minerals. Such people allow themselves 1600-1700 kcal per day. For a month, they lose 7 kg - and the weight does not return.
  • For many, the roller coaster diet is preferable. Every day there it is recommended to consume a different number of calories - from 600 to 1300. In 50 days, they will lose up to 9 kg. And at the same time, the weight goes away daily.

And in conclusion, a few more small tips that have been listened to by those who have successfully lost weight following this technique.

  1. The calorie content of products can be found in the tables. Today in the literature you can find a great variety of them. But, according to people seeking to lose weight by counting calories, these tables are averaged values. Therefore, it is sometimes worth examining the packaging of the product. It also has data on its calorie content.
  2. To make it easier for yourself to count, you can use the Excel table. It is quite convenient for these purposes. Of course, there are errors. But most of the time, this happens when you calculate the calorie content of difficult-to-cook foods. If you prefer unprocessed and simple food, then Exel gives you an accurate result. By the way, in the same table you can keep a food diary.

do i need to count calories

As you can see, the calorie counting system works in practice. So maybe it's time to study it and take care of your own health and body care?

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