Can I lose weight just by shaking the press?

Can I lose weight just by shaking the press?

  • Exercises on the press will pull up the muscles, but if they are covered with a thick layer of fat on top, they will not be seen anyway. To reduce weight, cardio training is desirable, the same run.

    A pumped up abs can help you lose weight in only one way - it requires calories to nourish muscle tissue, that is, your pumped up abs will burn more calories, which will slightly contribute to weight loss.

  • Daniel, to lose weight one press is not enough. Need to analyze your lifestyle. For this, it is best to stock up on a pen and notebook. You write your actions in the course of the day in a notebook very briefly. This will help you find a mistake in your lifestyle.

  • It is very difficult to achieve the full effect of weight loss by pumping only the press of the full effect of weight loss, but it is possible, and I will tell you how: for this you need to make your body sweat, and everything except the face and head. Buy thermo-belts for weight loss and pump the abs in them - you will sweat a lot and so will lose weight. But this method is not suitable for people who have a weak heart or problems with it.

  • Running is very effective for losing weight, but there is a nuance. In order to burn fat you need to run at least 40 minutes, you burn calories not only during running, but also after. After any cardio loads, you accelerate metabolism (burning of calories ) for several hours, if at that time there is nothing to eat the weight will very quickly go away (although this is very difficult, after running immediately you want to eat).

    In conjunction with running, abdominal exercises will give a good effect, but only in conjunction with running.If you do ab exercises, without cardio loads, the results leave much to be desired (provided that you are overweight) ...

    In addition to the press, do pull-ups in different versions, push-ups on the uneven bars and you will have an excellent athletic figure! More food is protein.

  • One exercise like swinging the slimming press is not enough. The animal will look more fit and no more. If you really want to lose weight, do not give up other exercises (running, squats, etc.) and add a diet and drink 1,5 a liter of water every day.

  • Hardly you can lose weight, if you swing daily press. You can pump up the press well, but if there is fat on the stomach, the pumped cubes will not be visible. As far as I know, you can remove the stomach if you do constant abdominal pulling. Truth I did not practice this.

  • For starters, run slowly - a little faster than brisk strides - this is the most effective zone for burning fat. Work long muscles - legs and back. Exercise your pectoral muscles. And of course, develop the rest of the muscles to make the body look beautiful!

  • You can lose weight by performing any physical activity, and pumping the press is a certain physical activity.

    But the extra pounds will not go away as quickly as I'd like, especially if I eat high-calorie food.

    When performing exercise, calories burned. If you ate an 1000 calorie per day, and when you get rid of 500 during exercise, the rest will be stored in fats.

    Exercise little and exercise little - eat less.

  • Can.

    "Swinging the press" is a physical activity. The whole body works. Basically, the abdominal muscles are trained. But excess fat leaves the whole body.

    Of course, if you "pump" only the press, then the effect of reducing the volume / weight of the body will be less than when training and other muscle groups.

  • Any adequate coach will tell you that this is not enough. In losing weight, proper nutrition plays a greater role than exercise. To lose weight, you need to develop all muscle groups, make strips, to strengthen the deepest muscles.

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