Golden TRP badge: standards, description, history and reviews

The words "Ready for Labor and Defense!" have long gone out of use and are strongly associated with modern people with the times of the Soviet Union. But few people know that these are not just words, but the name of a set of standards for physical culture, the fulfillment of which gave a golden TRP badge - the highest award of this kind. The standards of the USSR returned to our lives quite recently, so anyone can get this coveted award.

Historical information

The TRP standards were developed in 1930 in order to familiarize the population with a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, a bronze, silver and gold TRP badge was introduced, the standards for the delivery of which these badges were relied on. Gradually, the norms were improved, various steps were introduced, corresponding to the ages of those who passed. Some researchers note that it was good physical fitness that helped young people and girls better prepare for the hardships of the unexpectedly outbreak of war: throwing skills, physical strength, endurance - all this helped to quickly adapt to frontline conditions.

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After the war, the TRP began to develop towards preventing occupational diseases and restoring the health of the nation. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the complex was practically forgotten, and only in 2014 it was again introduced at the legislative level. Today, with due effort, anyone can pass the TRP standards for a gold badge, which will give its owner a number of advantages.

How it works: steps

After the historical background, it's time to move on to explaining how the system of standards "Ready for work and defense" is arranged. As before, it is aimed at popularizing a healthy lifestyle among the population, while being generally available and optimal for all segments of the population. The complex has eleven steps corresponding to the age of those who go in for sports.

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The first step - boys and girls from 6 to 8 years old, the second - from 9 to 10, and the third - from 11 to 13. The fourth and fifth steps are designed for young people from 13 to 15 and 16 to 17 years, respectively. The sixth step of the TRP norms is for men and women from 18 to 29, the seventh is from 30 to 39, the eighth is from 40 to 49, the ninth is from 50 to 59, the tenth is from 60 to 69 and the eleventh is from 70 and older. It is noteworthy that the golden TRP badge can be obtained only at the first seven steps, then the system is based on the enthusiasm of those who go in for sports.

How it works: standards

Each step has a number of tests, some of which are obligatory (although sometimes there are variations depending on, for example, the region in which the person who takes the exam), and the delivery of the other part depends on one's own desire. Of course, as the step rises, the tests become more difficult: for example, a six-year-old boy must do 17 push-ups to receive the highest award, and for a 17-year-old boy this is already considered too easy a task - he is asked to lift the kettlebell 35 times.

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In total, the complex includes forty different standards, but, of course, half of them are not mandatory: for example, at 35, a woman needs to pass 5 standards, two of which have options to get a gold TRP badge.

Specific figures

Now let's move on to specific numbers and comparisons. For those who wondered how to get a gold TRP badge, you need to familiarize yourself with the delivery regulations, which indicate the results necessary to receive the award. Take a test like the forward bend, for example. At the first and second stages, children are supposed to stand and touch the floor with their palms with straight legs - the standard is mandatory. On the third, that is, at the age of eleven, the standard becomes “optional”, but the requirements for a gold badge remain the same.

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For boys and girls at the age of 14, the slope is again mandatory. At the age of 16, the situation becomes more complicated: now the dealer is already on the gymnastic bench and still stretches down with straight legs. And only if the fingers of the young man are 13, and the girls are 16 centimeters below the bench, they have the right to apply for the badge. At the sixth stage, young men are already allowed to bend only 10 centimeters, and even then, closer to thirty years (here crushing appears before and after 25 years), for women after 25, 13 centimeters are enough against the previous 16. By the age of forty, the requirements are even easier: 4 and 6 centimeters, respectively. From 50 to 70 years old, you just need to reach the floor with your fingers, and this time without a gymnastic bench, which has accompanied the athlete for so long. At the highest, eleventh stage, in order to be eligible for a gold TRP badge, it is enough to touch the ankle with your fingers bent over. Moreover, from the fourth to the last stage, this test is mandatory.

Thus, it is not at all difficult to trace the evolution of the requirements for the candidate for the award. It can be seen that the tests were compiled taking into account the age and physical condition of a person during this period of his life. Moreover, usually the test is passed under the supervision of a person who can provide first aid.

What for?

Few insignia provide as many advantages as a gold TRP badge. The main advantage for applicants is the addition of points to the USE results, their number depends on each specific university. For those who, due to health reasons, cannot complete tests to receive the highest award, while having the opportunity to receive only a silver or bronze badge, or not having this opportunity at all, separate standards will be developed.

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But it is imperative to take into account the fact that it is not possible to take tests everywhere - only twelve regions of the country are entitled to take this exam. By the decision of the government, those living in other places, unfortunately, will be deprived of this privilege.

Where and how?

After it became known what the gold TRP badge gives, it's time to clarify how exactly to get it. You can pass the standards in the regional DOSAAFs. This must be done by the cadets of the Society for Assistance to the Army, Aviation and Navy, only those who, for health reasons, will not pass the test are released. With the variability of the mandatory test, local authorities are authorized to independently choose which standards applicants for the insignia will have to fulfill, while they should start from the climatic conditions of a particular region.

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Before each test, applicants must listen to instructions on how to perform the exercise (if performed incorrectly, the standard is considered not passed). All results are recorded in a special record book for passing the TRP standards. Of course, the applicant must be admitted for medical reasons, he provides a certificate of this even before the start of the test.

Overall rating

It is noteworthy that some athletes pass the TRP standards for fun. They do not pretend to be any insignia, they just show by their example that there is nothing complicated in these tests, they are available for every person who monitors their health at least a little. In principle, if you study the requirements, it becomes clear that you do not need to go in for sports professionally, regular exercise is enough - then it will not be difficult to get the coveted badge.

In conclusion

It is clear that it is not so easy to get an award of this level: before passing the TRP for a gold badge, you will have to sweat on the sports grounds. But at the same time, all the work will pay off handsomely, because the delivery of these standards only stimulates people of all ages to strive for the best sports results, to take care of their health. Sport is a life that rewards for your efforts make it even more fulfilling. You should try not for the badge, but first of all for yourself.

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Sometimes the city authorities carry out an indicative delivery of the TRP standards. For example, in Kaliningrad, even the mayor of the city took part in folk festivals, who easily performed a kettlebell lifting test for a 50-year-old man. So sometimes you don't need to immediately go to DOSAAFs to show yourself, it's enough just to follow the events of your city.

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