Absolutely short umbilical cord. Is it genes or an accident?

Absolutely short umbilical cord. Is it genes or an accident?

  • If you want to emphasize the case, then for your information, the case does not exist at all. Accident is not an accident at all, but just a consequence of the fact that someone in the family at the present time, or someone from distant = ancestors already had this. The gene simply does not enter the mother's womb at will, so it does not it is worth despairing - this is just a cost of the genetic nature. The baby will be born, it will not go anywhere. Perhaps, of course, as a result of this, there may be unpleasant moments. Or maybe it’s okay at all. I think that you should not focus too much on this. The main thing is that besides only the short umbilical cord was everything else in perfect order.

  • The correct umbilical cord is short and thick, pierced with visible capillaries. The baby ideally gets the nutrients from the mom. And even a big plus-child cannot be wrapped with an umbilical cord during childbirth. If the umbilical cord is long and thin, then it looks like a raging potato that grows under a tree and lacks light and nutrition. Such an umbilical cord can be observed if the expectant mother has low hemoglobin. The child is in hypoxia and does not receive adequate nutrition through the umbilical cord, and oxygen is poorly supplied to the fetus. These are not genes and not an accident, this is a healthy baby was born. The size of the umbilical cord is influenced by the health and proper nutrition of the mother during pregnancy.

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