Basophobia is it?

Basophobia is it?

  • Basophobia is a fear of walking.

    In my entrance on the ground floor there is a woman who, on warm, windless days, goes out to the bench at the entrance and does not go further - she is afraid. Since she lives alone, one son is in the suburbs, and the other is on a flight, she constantly asks her neighbors to go buy her one or the other. She is 69 years old, and she practically does not walk, because her legs hurt, but due to an immobile lifestyle she is recovering. And where her lifestyle will lead in a few years is hard to say. But she's just afraid to walk.

  • This is a fear of walking, it is also called ambulophobia. This is not the fear of walking itself, as a physiological property of the human body, but the fear of losing support. People with this phobia experience insecurity, instability, and most often walk with a cane. It was widespread in the 20th century, now it is rare, so I do not consider it a full-fledged phobia, but a simple disorder that can be successfully treated.

  • Basophobia - fear of walking. Suffer from this "phobia", mainly, small children or people with problems of the musculoskeletal system.

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