Is butyl acetate more harmful than acetone?

Is butyl acetate more harmful than acetone?

  • Butyl acetate is an ester that is very volatile and cannot be trapped by a respirator. Hazard class of the substance 4. The same is for acetone, hazard class 4, as you can see there is no difference. It's just that butyl acetate is more difficult to produce, and it has more possibilities in terms of dissolution, and the price is naturally higher.

  • Recently I read an article, it was just written there that the liquid for nail polish remover, if used for its intended purpose, namely for removing a manicure, then it does not harm the nails. In order to stay calm, wash your hands with soap and water after each use.

  • Butyl acetate is much less harmful to the body than acetone. If they wipe the nail polish, and do not take it inside, it does not pose a danger.

    In the European Union, liquids for removing nail polish with acetone are prohibited, and in our country the composition of such washes is not regulated by anything. Since acetone is half the price of butyl acetate, some manufacturers mix it into solvents. Acetone can be distinguished by its smell - it is very sharp, literally hitting the nose. Butyl acetate has a characteristic caramel smell.

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