I often fly in the clouds, I do not know what to do about it?

I often fly in the clouds, I do not know what to do about it?

  • It is very good, in principle, to "fly in the clouds", to imagine a non-existent reality, the one that we would like to see, in psychology there is such a term - visualization of desires, according to the famous psychologist Vadim Zeland, visualization of intentions very often helps to get closer to that, By the way, there is a very interesting audiobook by Vadim Zeland "Reality Transurfing", I advise you to listen, you will really like it, so that you make it your reference book, here is the link:


    You will learn to manage your thoughts, emotions, even, I’m not afraid of the word, reality.

  • No, just as knowledgeable people explained to me, this is just the mentality of the mind. That is, you are too mental, you twist everything in your head too ... such a mind is like a concrete mixer that twists and twists thoughts. The most important thing here is, to begin with, to clearly set goals for yourself, it is better to prescribe them and always so that they are in front of your eyes. Then you should try to become purposeful and sweep aside all unnecessary and secondary in achieving your goals and act. Then there will be order in your head, the main thing is to act a lot and move forward, then there will be no time to think a lot. In such cases, meditation of inner silence is also recommended. This is when you, for example, do not think anything at all for 15 minutes a day. They say it is difficult at the beginning, but with training it becomes easier.

  • What are these features. You have a lot of knowledge, you analyze it, you have developed a creative vein. And about the fact that you communicate and think about another one, take yourself in farts and do the task that you must listen carefully. And in the end, then think

  • I'm flying away with a boring conversation. I can’t just concentrate on not having an interesting conversation or when there’s nothing to do. Probably, mindfulness should be developed. But in general, I see nothing wrong. In principle, in order not to fly away with a boring conversation, you can ask questions that interest you, turn the conversation in the direction you need. And if you are one, engage yourself in reading, watching interesting programs.

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