Why are onions pickled with apple cider vinegar good for you?

Why are onions pickled with apple cider vinegar good for you?

  • Pickled onions will not help you here, they will no longer work as a vitamin, they have lost all their properties during pickling and the taste is completely different if you tried it. We need antibiotics urgently, if 39 now such a terrible flu is walking, it is better to immediately advise you to the hospital, get treatment, now everyone is coughing so badly, sneezing, the risk of the disease is very high, I advise everyone to eat fresh onions and garlic and smear with axolin ointment, dress warmly and more in public transport, be careful there are many infected, try to keep on

  • Whether apple cider vinegar or any other kind of vinegar, they work well to lower the temperature, this has probably been tested for centuries. And onions are a real killer of microbes, because in nm there are abundant volatile substances - phytoncides. When we cut onions, we immediately smell them. So they help destroy germs. You just cut it to marinate and apply it to the baby's skin - and phytoncides have already flown into the air, the air has entered the lungs - and the enemies of microbes are already in the blood and have already begun to wage war with the enemy. Phytoncides also penetrate through the skin.

    Some mothers also use the presence of phytoncides in garlic: they put finely chopped garlic near the bed of a sleeping baby.

    PS. And yet - you know what? Since you have already put apple cider vinegar and onions on the table, then marinate them for eating. If the onion is not salad, but rather bitter, then after cutting it into half rings, keep it in boiling water for a few minutes and rinse with cold water, then add vinegar, salt, sugar - if you want, and a little sunflower oil there. This salad can be eaten immediately, or, if you have done a lot, you can keep it in the refrigerator, and it does not spoil for a long time.

    Delicious food improves mood, which also contributes to recovery. ))

  • Apple cider vinegar lowers the acidity of the body (natural apple cider vinegar - usually does not smell very good, because it is made from spoiled wine or apples, which are no longer suitable for anything else).

    Don't confuse apple cider vinegar with cheap store fakes that smell like apples but do nothing but harm.

    Onions are a storehouse of vitamins and other substances that help fight colds.

    What is the use of a complex - an apple bite and an onion ...

    Apart from the option that an apple bite will reduce heartburn and the unpleasant consequences for the stomach caused by a large amount of onions, nothing comes to mind.

  • What folk remedies can be that with you. Such a temperature in a child, urgently call an ambulance, you need to bring down the temperature, wow 39. With such a temperature, you need to be hospitalized.

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