Why is mint tea bad for the night?

Why is mint tea bad for the night?

  • Tea, like coffee (or even stronger), tones up. And tea, if you have trouble sleeping), it is better to drink at night. Besides herbal tea. Collecting herbs, where mint can also be included, on the contrary, will soothe.

  • For men, tea with mint is definitely harmful - it affects the production of testosterone by the male body, the level of which is responsible for potency.

    For women, mint is very useful, it has a sedative effect, but it is still not recommended to take it at night, since it has a diuretic (you will often get up and run to the toilet) and a choleretic effect (you may feel the urge to eat - and eat at night - you know ...).

  • There are no special contraindications in the instructions officially approved by the Ministry of Health.

    This is a children's age up to 3 years old. This is an allergy and other individual intolerance (they write this for all drugs). And also lactating, excreted through milk.

    The decrease in pressure can be influenced (with caution in hypotensive patients), but it is not classified as a contraindication.

    Other information (including those related to blocking testosterone production or the presence of phytoestrogens) can be found in author's blogs and manuals.

    If significant harm was found, the instructions would be changed.

    But there are many indications.

    Instead of tea or coffee at night, it is better to drink mint tea, which makes it easier to fall asleep and gives soothing. Mint is not classified as a diuretic herb, it is stronger. The slight choleretic effect of mint is beneficial for digestion.

  • It is better to drink a cup of tea with bergamot at night than with mint. It is better to drink tea with mint in the bathhouse or after it, during the day.

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