What happens if you cut off your own birthmark by hand?

What happens if you cut off your own birthmark by hand?

  • Cutting moles yourself is certainly not the case. It must be removed properly. If, it so happened that he cut it off. You will face fairly heavy bleeding, which does not stop well on its own. A small arterial vessel must be suitable for a mole. Then, a new mole may grow in this place, since its base will remain unsettled.

  • Much depends on the birthmark itself, your age and health conditions (immune system). If this is a papilloma, then most likely nothing will happen. In my youth, while shaving, I repeatedly cut them off and nothing happened. But once I got tired of it, I went to the surgeon and removed everything from my face.

    But there are very dangerous melanoma moles. It is absolutely impossible to injure these. And immediately upon detection, it is necessary to run to oncologists and remove them in a radical way.

  • The consequences can be sad, a mole is not a wart. Even if you go to a medical center where moles are removed with a lapis lazuli, they first check the mole for oncology. Even there, not all moles are taken (my daughter worked there). So you shouldn't risk it. if it bothers you or bothers you, go to the medical center for a consultation.

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