What if you can not wake up in time?

What if you can not wake up in time?

  • Oh, the topic here is not quite simple, as it seems. One of the reasons is, of course, a violation of the sleep pattern, go to bed late, you need to sleep in your own time as it should be at night. Further, the reason may be when you sleep extra hours than required. Set your alarm. Also, the reasons can be due to low blood pressure, and a number of diseases can contribute to this and this already needs to be treated.

  • We need to set the alarm. Moreover, in the repeated call mode every 5 minutes.

    The next important step is getting to bed on time - ideally 8 hours before the alarm goes off. However, I know from my own experience that it is not always possible to go to bed on time. So for this there is a third necessary step - you need to get tired before going to bed: take a walk in the fresh air, play sports. There is another option - to read soporific literature before bedtime.

  • At work they gave me a backup, already served in the army, has a child for the second shift was late. Since without him it was calmer to work more calmly, I did not even ask the reason. When he was late for the next shift, I began to figure it out. It turned out that he started on his cell phone with an interval of 5 minutes to lie down for a while seven alarms. The problem was solved immediately followed by the advice to start only one alarm clock. The advice worked there were no more delays.

  • Set an alarm. If it's hard to get up and with him you must try to go to bed earlier. With chronic overwork, drink vitamins. In general, go in for sports, lead an active lifestyle. As the saying goes: "the more you sleep, the more you want to sleep so much."

  • We had a problem getting the child to school. Rocked for 30-40 minutes. As a result, they came up with the following trick: a child plays in a metropolis (a city needs to be built), and in this toy friends send you different goods for building and improving buildings. And the child is very happy when it turns out to build a building. And now every morning we wake him up and say: "Do you want to see what your friends sent you?" As the stung one jumps up and flies to wash, have breakfast and to the tablet.

    So in your case, can you do this? Well, of course I don't mean to play with toys, but planning something important, interesting and exciting for the morning is quite possible. And most likely in the morning you, having heard the sound of the alarm clock, remember the planned and the dream will be removed as if by hand.

    It’s natural that you need to devote at least 8 hours a day to sleep, otherwise you may not hear the alarm clock from fatigue.

  • Agree with your body that you need to go to bed and get up at certain hours, allotted by you. For this you need:

    • find out how many hours you need for the body to recover during sleep (go to bed earlier and wake up unaided),
    • get ready for bed (do not fall asleep tired, nervous, do not affect the nervous system an hour before bedtime, watching TV and a computer).

    Eliminate hard drinks and heavy foods from your diet, especially before bed.

  • If this happens all the time, then you need to check your blood pressure, if it is low and because of this it is difficult for you to wake up, then you need to solve this health problem first. If you do not sleep much, then try to build your daily routine so that at least 7 hours are allotted for sleep in it, and better 8. With an alarm clock, everything is clear, you cannot do without it in your situation - away from bed, as unpleasant as possible , as you have already been advised before me :).

  • So long ago, an alarm clock was invented for this purpose!)

    I can recommend such an interesting way to get up on time: download a melody or song to your mobile phone that annoys you very much and set it to the alarm clock. Next, put your mobile phone so that you can't get it out of bed, so you have to get up.

    That's all, the melody you hate to ring, you get up to turn it off.

    The deed is done, you are up!)

  • The most effective way to wake up in the morning is to drink water before bed. As you know, the most purposeful person is the person who urgently needs to go to the toilet. Then nothing will stop you and you will get up in the morning without unnecessary delusions, the way and not at the exact time, but you will get up)))

  • To get up on time, you need to go to bed on time. And you also need to calculate that the sleep time is a multiple of 1,5 hours. This is how long the sleep phase lasts and it must be completed so that you can wake up with ease. And if it still does not work out, then when the alarm clock rings, there is no need to delay the moment of awakening. It is necessary to jump up, as if an alarm siren sounds.

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