Which is better for TeraFlu or cheaper Rinza?

Which is better for TeraFlu or cheaper Rinza?

  • The drugs are similar. The same principle.

    However, there is less one of the components (pheniramine maleate) in the coryza, it is

    antihistamine component. It removes histamine from colds

    and is not needed by the body. But also from it side effects (drowsiness).

    Rinza is cheaper because India. There, the labor force is cheaper, and the customs duty at the border for import is less accepted for this country.

    Their factories are properly equipped and meet international standards.

    For the budget, it is optimal to drink more active Theraflu at night and fall asleep, and in the afternoon

    on Rinza.

    Teraflu is a hot drink, it is more pleasant to drink. There is natural sugar and vitamin C seems to be added. Lemon acid. Food colors and flavors.

    There are domestic powders of the same composition, without any additives, and cheaper. The taste is unpleasant - such that they need to be poured into sweet tea with jam, ask pharmacists.

  • Personally, I do not use powders at all - they are minimal, there are too many unnecessary components that significantly increase the cost of the drug - such as vitamins and the like. Vitamins should be taken before you are sick and not when you are already sick and in their natural form and not artificially in the preparation. In the opinion of my friends, I did not see any difference in the above drugs in terms of effectiveness.

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