Where would you get money for treatment if you don't give a loan?

Where would you get money for treatment if you don't give a loan?

  • I work in a government agency, and we have a cry for help across the country through the trade union. Whoever can donate money, and they are sent to the needy.

    I would try with the help of the media to ask for help from:

    • people's deputy;
    • oligarch.

    Agree, such public people need advertising, especially if they are related to medicine or pharmacy.

    Relatives help. God willing, without setting a return date.

  • I would start a social media fundraising company. If you have a lot of friends on social networks, and some of them are administrators of large communities with an active audience of 10 thousand or more, then try to throw a cry. A request for help will spread like word of mouth. The main thing is that you will present in the post about with a cry for help the main screenshots - the history of the disease, all the necessary medical certificates and details where the money will be transferred. Try to describe the situation in as much detail as possible, and people will definitely respond to your help. Good luck!

  • Personally, I wouldn't do anything. My father had cancer and I was interested in this disease in detail. Many sources say that CANCER is alive and smart, and if he starts to be disturbed (treated), he gets scared and begins to devour the body much faster than if he was not disturbed. Dad was undergoing chemical therapy and six months later he died anyway, only in great agony, because the chemistry destroyed his immunity. I decided for myself, if I get cancer, I will not do anything, if he is alive, then it is not profitable for him to eat me right away, it is profitable for him that I live longer. After reading all the literature, I came to the conclusion that if such a disease overtook you, then something with your worldview is not correct and it is better to work on this issue. There are also known cases when the tumor itself dissolves for no apparent reason and doctors call it a miracle, spreading their hands widely. Practice has shown that a patient whose tumor has resolved completely changed his lifestyle and way of thinking, having learned about the disease, I think that this was the secret of miraculous healing. Well, maybe my advice is not very good, but it certainly won't harm you. Look for money from the sources that other opponents advise and work on your way of thinking and life, you look by the time you collect the money and you will not need it. The books by Sergei Nikolaevich Lazarev "Diagnostics of Karma" and Mirzakarim Norbekov will help you. Mirzakarim is the very case of miraculous healing from a stage 4 tumor.

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