Where can there be stones in the human body?

Where can there be stones in the human body?

  • In the human body, stones can be found in many organs. In the intestines, in the liver, in the gallbladder, in the kidneys. To find out all this about yourself, you need to do a computer diagnosis. This is a disease from inadequate nutrition and from bad water. the treatment can be either folk-non-traditional or surgical or modern medicine heals with the Lazarus ray.

  • stones can be in the gallbladder, called as gallstone disease, can be in the ducts of the gallbladder in the common bile duct, descend into the intestines and go out, fortunately, out during bowel movements.

    may be in the kidneys, urinary stone disease, ureter, bladder.

    stones arise as a result of improper metabolism, when microelements are deposited in the form of stones. there are pigmented, bilirubin, calcified. after removal of one stone, the occurrence of repeated ones as correctly recurs. most often it is a hereditary disease. and also in women who follow a diet. without consuming fatty, bile stagnates and settles, forming stones

  • In addition to all the known localizations already listed, formations in the form of stones (on a mineral basis) can be in the salivary gland. Salivary stone disease. Ossificates (ossis-bone in Latin) can develop in the muscle, but there is no bone structure in them - the deposition of calcium salts on muscle fibers. In the lungs, the primary tuberculous focus (Gonne's focus) is calcified and then calcifications are determined on the roentgenogram. Lymph nodes can also be calcified after inflammation. Fecal stones, after coprostasis or stool obstruction.

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