Gymnastics on the Nishi system, what kind of feedback?

Gymnastics on the Nishi system, what kind of feedback?

  • This system provides a vibrational effect on the body. This makes it possible to use those parts of the body that have long ceased to function for some reason.

  • This gymnastics comes from Japan.

    Her creator with a very difficult surname is Katsuzo Nishi.

    The creator of this gymnastics is not a doctor, but he was a very painful and frail child, he knows a lot about medicine and even wrote a book about his sick childhood.

    Gymnastics is mainly aimed at improving the spine. What is worth today curved spin.

    In his gymnastics and the entire system, Niches denies the presence of drugs in human life and proves that everything can be treated exclusively with gymnastics.

    Gymnastics includes exercises that not only strengthen the spine, but also improve blood circulation and microcirculation.

    Reviews from people who have tried the entire Niche system are divided. But nevertheless agreed on one thing, such gymnastics in any case does not harm.

    Some argue that it simply heals, some that heal, but most people are convinced that gymnastics simply helps to direct a person to a healthy lifestyle.

    At the same time, even the doctors of many involved noted an improvement in the health of patients, and they did not take any pharmacy drugs.

    I suggest watching a video and try this gymnastics on yourself.

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