What can cause lower back pain after sleep?

What can cause lower back pain after sleep?

  • My back ached just above the lower back and it was especially difficult after sleep - I literally crawled out of bed. And I went to the doctor and drank pills (in general, I can't drink them very much because of peptic ulcer disease). Only one thing helped - I began to sleep on a hard, flat surface - that is, I put an MDF shield in the bed. And the pain was gone. I got used to sleeping like that literally in a few days, and now, on the contrary, I cannot sleep on a soft bed, it's even difficult to fall asleep, and my back starts to pull again. This is a specific case, not speculation. Of course, you need to go to the doctor, the reason may not be in the spine, but the fact is that only on a solid, flat surface does our spine really rest and not strain.

  • I had such a situation somewhere by the age of thirty. I slept normally at midnight, sometimes sitting, then lying again. What she didn’t rub, didn’t help. They advised to rub with the Chinese stinking liquid. Dnm was easier, and at night too. Then she stopped helping, and dragged on for a long time, did not go to the doctors. When it became unbearable, I turned to the age of forty. It turned out to be a tumor, and pulled it again, did not want to have the operation, was afraid that after that I would not be able to lie down. Then they pressed me so hard that they took me away in an ambulance and performed an operation. After the operation, I began to sleep peacefully, my lower back stopped hurting and began to fly. So I advise you to check with the doctors to prescribe an ultrasound scan of the internal organs and an X-ray of the spine.

  • If up to this point you have not had such pain after sleep, then it is better for you to see a doctor. In general, there may be the following reasons: either the headboard of the bed or sofa bends, or the bed is too hard (sorry, but I am an opponent of boards).

  • (I wanted to write in the comment - it didn't fit)

    Well, here, like a wedge by a wedge, the spine always suffers from improper physical influence and is restored from the correct physical influence, perhaps you need to knead a lot and often, you can find out more precisely from the doctor, but the conclusion will be the same - physiotherapy exercises, well, or just physical education - you just need to do it right. That's right - that is, not to harm, but you can do harm by overloading - this is when there is any sharp load on the intervertebral disc unprepared for this moment. if in a nutshell, first just do a lot of light movements, then move on to more complex ones, the most dangerous are circular movements - when there are problems with the spine, it is better not to do them at all - this is only for completely healthy spines like a quick warm-up - which the spine needs to withstand. Do exercise therapy for about a week - the sun will recover. I have a full ass on the cervical spine (compression fracture, protrusions, what is there with lordosis, or something like that, I forgot already - in general, the pillar for the place of roundness, well, there is still a lot of things after falling on my head) I studied a lot of everything on this topic - one result is "correct training" - it replaces absolutely everything, including the meaning of medications. right now I'm warming up races a day and it's all normal, but in moms it's an addiction, you can just work out for a while so that there is no vertebra

  • The back hurts after sleep if there was a heavy load on the spine and osteochondrosis began. My back hurt after sleeping after childbirth, the doctor explained that during pregnancy there was a great load on the spine and the vertebrae parted (I was carrying twins). After giving birth, I could not get up to the children at night, I had to crawl, overcoming the pain, after I managed to get up, the pain went away and the day was gone.

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