How to wash with plaster on the leg?

How to wash with plaster on the leg?

  • It is very difficult. Itself went through this and I don’t wish anyone. I had a serious fracture in the knee joint and the leg was gypsum to the groin. On my own it was, of course, not to wash myself. I collected a little water in the bathroom and lay down there with a raised leg. The gypsum was wrapped in a towel, and then a film. I tried to lie so as not to get wet. I didn’t wash myself, but they washed me. if the leg is gypsum to the knee, it’s easier. though not a gift either.

    How to wash with plaster on the leg?

  • Looking what kind of cast, and where. But in any case, it's better to do it with the help of someone. You can wash not only in the bathroom, but I'm sorry, and sitting on the toilet. The leg is rewound or cellophane, or else we raise it so that there is no angle for water leakage. Then you bring a basin with water and a washcloth. On the sides lay out what the water will absorb, though towels or fabric any. Then calmly soap and wash off with a washcloth. Try it, it will work out.

    Still it is possible to put in a bath a steady plastic chair, to sit down across a bath so that the leg in a gypsum was outside of a bath and above, that not to fill in water. Or wrap the towels well, so that they are wet and not the foot and the plaster.

    Further, you wash with a shower hose, wipe as you sit. Then you get out of the bath with the help. Carefully, tile the tile or better to throw your own towel there.

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