How to lose weight without straining?

How to lose weight without straining?

  • Can. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Eat less, but more often. Do not eat fatty foods at night. Sleep 8 hours a day if possible. And in general, whatever they write here, if you have a loved one, then he doesn't care how much weight you have) The most important thing is that it does not harm your health.)

  • If it is sooo wise to approach the choice of food, then yes. Eat at certain hours, reduce the amount of spices and salt to a minimum, nothing fried, just bake, cook, or at least simmer. Eat food in small portions several times a day. Drink a lot. water. A couple of kilograms will go away for sure.

  • Two months ago, I stopped eating after seven in the evening. That is, not really, I can eat a couple of apples, or an orange, or cabbage, but no more. During the day, I absolutely do not limit myself to anything, and behave much less mobile than in summer. And around six or half past six I eat a lot, with meat and cakes.

    During these 2 months I have built up 7 kilos. This is certainly not a record pace, but I feel much better, especially my back and legs.

    I also planned to do one "kefir" or vegetable day every week, but it doesn't always work out. By the way, sleep has also improved, and sensations in the morning. I advise everyone, it's not difficult.

  • To be honest, losing weight is very simple - eat less. and go in for sports (at least exercise in the morning)

  • My friend's husband made an apparatus that makes living water, on the Internet there are instructions on how to make it, you can still buy a ready-made one. She takes this water constantly and has lost 26 kg in 2,5 months. You can try!

  • Lose weight by alternating between low-carb and regular (high-carb) days.

    First you need to strain a little and buy an electronic scale to weigh yourself in the morning. You can lose weight using the well-known Kremlin diet or the Atkins diet (restricting carbohydrate intake), but this diet is annoying, and not very healthy. It is not worth testing it for a long time. Fortunately, the body itself tells you to take breaks: that is, alternate low-carb days (0.5-1.0 g of carbohydrates per day per 1 kg of body weight) with regular (high-carb days). This is how the carbohydrate rotation diet was born: two days of low carbohydrates, two days of high carbohydrates. Athletes love this diet. But it is better to do sports when the weight reaches a normal level, for example, a level equal to the height in centimeters minus 100. Try to refuse sweet and starchy foods altogether.

  • I had to work a lot. During the work process, thoughts about food did not come at all, because the work was enjoyable. Circumstances so developed that I got a job additionally working in another town. Running from one job to another, dropping home for an hour with one thought to sleep and running in the evening to go to bed again quickly because I was tired, the amount of food consumed decreased. But in this frenzy, I did not notice. The stomach is used to eating a little, lost weight imperceptibly and without straining for itself

  • Do not build food into a cult, and do not make it out of a non-psychological outlet. It's just wood for a fire - energy for the full functioning of the body. I can sometimes gain a kilo or two, I feel them very well and without weights, and I do not use diets. I am rebuilding psychologically. It is slower than a forced diet, but the result is without pain and breakdowns. And yet we must remember that the stomach is a muscular organ, it has the property of stretching to an awesome size, but a person who throws 5 liters of grub into himself and eats half a liter will be fed the same, only they look different. The question is, what do you want to look like - that's where you start working on yourself.

  • Well, this problem was solved a long time ago by an American doctor (thanks to this solution, he is still in prison :). He gave people a mixture in which there was an egg of a bovine tapeworm (this is a worm) and people, without doing anything and without straining, lost weight. No other ways have been found yet 😉

    ps although there was another way, but even more severe - a concentration camp 🙁

  • For some reason I don't know anyone else who would do it without effort. You don't have to swallow a pill, you don't have to go in for sports, but in any case you need to limit yourself to food. In any case, you need to strain.

    It will be easier to do this if you radically change your way of life.

  • I can regulate my weight. Purely food intake and psychological state. If I start to get better, then I eat less. Smaller meat, buns, all kinds of pastries. I don't eat at night. I move more. And if I'm nervous, then I stop eating altogether. That is, if you approach everything wisely, then you can really regulate your weight and not run yourself.

  • Try to create new rules for yourself, make a small list of prohibited and vice versa effective actions. And follow them all my life. The most important thing is not to deviate from the intended path and be sure to arrange small indulgences for yourself, so it will be easier to hold on.

    List of prohibited foods (sometimes you can resort to it as a relaxation, but wisely):

    1. "Empty" carbohydrates - sugar, baked goods, chocolate, pasta, cereals (except for buckwheat), alcohol, etc. They will not bring us anything but a five-minute satisfaction

    1. Fats (margarine, butter), also hidden fats (sausages, cheeses)
    2. Avoid excess proteins, as they are poorly absorbed by the body (meat leads to rotting, hence gas formation, bloating: Maya Gogulian "You can not get sick")
    3. Limit salt, eat as much lean as possible. Salt retains water
    4. Less fried as it contains carcinogens

    What is better to include in the diet:

    1. Fresh vegetables (carrots and cabbage, for example, improve peristalsis - rhythmic contractions of the walls of the digestive organs that move food)
    2. More water, about 2 liters per day
    3. Be sure to have a bowl of soup a day, preferably vegetable, no fat
    4. Bread with bran
    5. Fruit (excluding bananas and grapes)
    6. Fish, lean meat, liver, seafood, offal
    7. Green tea is a must. 4 cups a day burns up to 100 kcal.


    There are several problems that plague us beautiful girls. If you want to reduce TOTAL weight, you can simply reduce the portions of your regular diet. You can eat everything, except for prohibited foods, be sure to make indulgences, but wisely. For example, if you wanted chocolate - eat a bitter chocolate with a high content of cocoa babies, etc. I always have dark chocolate in my purse, I eat 1-2 slabs in 3 days, I also eat dried fruits, and I drink tea (not sweet of course) with sweet fruits.

    If you want to remove FAT, limit your intake to 30-40 grams per day or 40-50 grams per day if you just want to keep your real weight. Do not eat after 18.00 pm, just drink water or 1 glass of 1% kefir. Do not eat foods from the prohibited list.

    Be sure to take multivitamins and various preparations for the stomach (for example, pour 1 glass of boiling water over 1 filter bag of calendula, chamomile, St. John's wort, take 1/3 cup 3 times a day)

    Since you will lose weight, the skin will sag, be sure to devote 40 minutes a day to physical exercises, a contrast shower (every day, at least 8 shifts), from stretch marks (stretch marks), use all different bath salts with kelp, with spirulina, smear with blue clay , do scrubs and body wraps.

    Thus, in 2 months I lost 10 kg, absolutely not straining. Every day a contrast shower, light exercise, proper nutrition. In my 20s, until recently, I weighed 73 kg, today I weigh 62 kg. And I got used to this diet. Now I can't stand fat at all. At the same time, I make indulgences: 1-2 bars of chocolate in 3 days, sometimes I can eat a cheesecake, a bun, but tea with sugar - NEVER !!! (before that I drank only sweet tea, now I have learned to feel only the taste of tea, preferably green).

    I wish everyone to achieve the desired result and in no case do not starve and drive away tough diets, health problems will not result, and the weight will return.: p

  • Can. I've lost so much weight. I just didn't eat after 18.00 pm. I eat whatever I want, only until 18.00. True, after a while, she began to pump the press - it helps very well to remove excess fat. In general, there is such a girl (she wrote a book) Ekaterina Mirimanova. She proved by her example that you can lose weight without straining. My cousin lost weight on this book. After 18.00 do not eat, 15 min. exercise per day, and all the most harmful should be eaten in the morning. I think this is not particularly annoying. At least I lost weight without straining. And I wish everyone who wants to lose weight the same 🙂

    1. Do not reward yourself with food - you are not a dog ... I do not know who wrote, then I recommend taking note.
    2. Exercise regularly. What it will be, decide for yourself: volleyball, swimming, ice skating, a visit to the gym. And no need to tell that you can lose weight without physical exertion! Nonsense ... diets alone can only plant your stomach and ruin your appearance ... Hair, nails, skin will immediately "mirror" the lack of vitamins.
  • It is possible, but with sports it will be more logical. Although a lot depends on how much excess weight you need to lose. You don't need diets, teas, or even more miraculous pills. You just need to switch to proper nutrition. The weight will go away and in the future it will simply be maintained. Without making too much effort. Proper nutrition is a "diet" for life, but very tasty)

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