Is breastfeeding up to 2-3 years old - is it a benefit or already a harm?

Is breastfeeding up to 2-3 years old - is it a benefit or already a harm?

  • On this issue, the opinions of doctors differ, but in my opinion, you can feed up to 2 years - this is the limit. I did just that. Firstly, the child already practically eats and receives valuable substances from food, and the breast is more of a psychological attachment, for calming down, a habit. Plus, the longer you feed, the harder it is to stop lactation. And this, in turn, can lead to mastitis, hormonal disruption, and further problems with the breast. The fact that long-term breastfeeding is the prevention of cancer is not yet proven, perhaps even the opposite. Ideally, feeding up to one and a half to two years, there is no point further. Plus, for a woman, it becomes tiresome. Both mentally and physically. After all, breastfeeding "draws" calcium from a woman, and other substances necessary for the body. Then teeth crumble, bones become brittle. Prolonged breastfeeding or bottle feeding is harmful to the formation of your baby's teeth and jaw. Incorrect bite becomes. The pacifier can only be used up to 6-7 months.

  • I believe that the maximum you can feed up to 2 years. I myself am now breastfeeding, we will be 2 years old in the summer, and then I plan to wean from the breast. It no longer makes sense to feed, the child already receives full nutrition with vitamins and minerals from the main food.

    Moreover, whoever goes to kindergarten, for example, at 2,5 years old and still suckles at the breast, it will be very difficult for such a child to adapt to a new place. She will constantly miss my mother's breast. As a result, sleep is disturbed and psycho-emotional well-being.

    Therefore, I think that if you feed even after 2 years, the child will only get worse from this.

  • The ORP of breast milk is negative, which means that breast milk has regenerative properties, plus it serves as an excellent protection against free radicals. Milk also has an excellent ph. And if the child likes it, why deprive him of it. After three, it is already possible to wean, and up to 3 the child will receive a lot of useful things with milk. I feed the baby myself and take measurements with different devices. And if earlier I said - a year and that's it, now I don't respect this opinion.

  • Among good athletes, there are no artificially fed ones and there are a lot of those who very late gave up breastfeeding. This is especially true for such sports where endurance is needed: marathon runners, long-distance swimmers.

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