Thrush is not cured?

Thrush is not cured?

  • It is treated, but only the immunity will weaken, as it reappears. I am speaking on the example of my girlfriend. As soon as she gets sick physically, somewhere she gets cold or gets tired at work, like a lingering thrush comes. I tried candles, they don't help. I don't even know, here you need to tighten the whole body in order to get rid of this shoddy disease.

  • There is no clear answer.

    On the one hand, thrush is treated. It's not just that in pharmacies they sell drugs in the form of tablets or suppositories. And after using them, the symptoms of the disease in women disappear.

    On the other hand, thrush is a fungal disease, candidomycosis. And Candida fungi are permanent inhabitants of the vagina, conditionally pathogenic microflora. Everyone has them, but this does not mean that the woman is sick. As long as the normal microflora of the vagina lives and multiplies, the disease will not come. But if she dies, then the fungi will begin to divide actively and as a result, thrush will appear. Therefore, when a woman is prescribed antibiotics, she is asked to drink not only probiotics, but also antifungal drugs. Usually it is 150 mg of Fluconazole once.

  • The cause of thrush is the body's response to the vigorous activity of the Candida fungus in the vagina. The mucous membrane becomes inflamed, causing itching and discomfort.

    Treatment of vaginal candidiasis is a long and difficult process. Many women wait until the last moment before going to a gynecologist. Such advanced cases are much more difficult to treat and the likelihood of a recurrence of the disease increases.

    Complex methods of treating thrush are used: baths, suppositories and tablets. In terms of time, the process lasts from two weeks or longer.

  • Thrush in gynecology?

    Most commonly caused by a fungus.

    From inexpensive drugs - Clotrimazole (10 days). More expensive drugs are convenient such that they are used for 3 days, and there are also novelties for 1 administration.

    If candles are used, then lie down at night, otherwise it will pour out. Intravaginal tablets can be used at any time of the day.

    At the same time, you can be treated with Fluconazole inside, you can use the domestic one (so as not to go broke on the expensive Diflucan).

    But if it does not help and it turns out that this is not a fungus, but another infection, then antimicrobial drugs will be prescribed.

  • Thrush is a kind of mucosal dysbiosis. If the mucous membrane is damaged (I washed everything with soap), then a certain type of bacteria begins to prevail, an imbalance appears. Also, from an overabundance of sweets, an imbalance also begins. A glass of water with a teaspoon of soda diluted in it helps me from itching (wash), and inside (in the vagina) McMiror complex (I used them during pregnancy), a very wide spectrum of action (but the price is not small, about 700-800 rubles) And more fermented milk products and less sweets.

  • Thrush (candidiasis), in principle, is not treated once and completely. Its obvious manifestations are treated - itching, discharge, inflammation of the mucous membrane. Thrush is caused by a fungus that is completely impossible to remove, all the more it is not possible to prevent its reappearance in the body.

    Keep your immunity up to date.

  • from time to time I treat my thrush with flucostat, but it still occurs with enviable frequency. Maybe my husband should drink these pills? Maybe I get infected from him somehow ???

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