Can I brush my teeth before taking a blood test?

Can I brush my teeth before taking a blood test?

  • In principle, it is possible, but not recommended for the following reasons:

    • you can accidentally swallow the paste and this will affect the analysis, especially this can happen to a child
    • now various sweeteners are added to pastes, which are absorbed through the gums into the blood and can affect the analysis

    It is best to get up early before the analysis, drink some plain water and go directly to the procedure. And after that, have a snack and do hygiene as you like.

  • I think you can. Even if some micro amounts of toothpaste get into the stomach, it will not affect the results of the blood test in any way. All my life I have been brushing my teeth both before a general blood test and before biochemistry - I have never had any problems.

    I think the advice not to brush your teeth is absolutely unfounded, but the problem is far-fetched))

  • You can and even need to brush your teeth before taking tests in hospitals. But it is highly advisable not to swallow the toothpaste and rinse your mouth thoroughly and not drink anything after brushing your teeth. Thus, the analyzes will be accurate.

  • I think you can.

    Even if some substances are absorbed through the oral cavity, medical experts will easily distinguish them from those substances for which a blood test is taken. In the end, after all, after passing the tests, do not walk with unclean teeth all day).

  • You can, if you are not in the habit of swallowing the paste when brushing your teeth. And even in this case, something terrible is unlikely to happen. It is unlikely that you can accidentally swallow such an amount of paste and water that could affect the test results, so feel free to do your morning procedures.

  • You can, of course, but it's better not to suddenly accidentally swallow and count all the sugar in your blood is provided to you, but also a bunch of crap and walking around the hospital again

    Conclusion: You can brush your teeth, but I strongly advise against it.

  • I myself am always accustomed to brushing my teeth in the morning and evening. And even when I need to go for a blood test in the morning, I brush my teeth, although someone says that it is impossible. And how many times I have already passed the tests after that, no one has ever said that the tests are bad, the sugar is high, etc.

  • It is necessary to brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening, as this is an obligatory hygienic measure. Brushing your teeth does not affect your blood test result in any way. They did not come to a consensus in one case: to brush or not to brush your teeth before taking a sputum test for general analysis and culture and antibiotic sensitivity. There are different recommendations everywhere. I still tend to clean, because food debris accumulates between the teeth, there is discharge from the nasal passages and saliva in the oral cavity. There will be no accurate analysis and there will be foreign impurities in the sputum.

  • For many, it becomes a discovery that you cannot brush your teeth before donating blood for tests and many people then go to work with bad breath, and this causes additional discomfort. The problem in this situation is that in any toothpaste there is a small concentration of sugar and during cleaning, a small amount of it enters the body and this happens, even if you try to perform the procedure carefully. Thus, glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream and slightly distorts the test results. This can affect babies especially strongly, because they like the taste and smell of baby pastes, and they often swallow them during hygiene procedures.

    Such nuances are very important for people who suffer from high sugar and therefore it is better for them not to do hygiene procedures in the morning so as not to change the composition of the blood, but you can thoroughly rinse your mouth with warm water.

    As for other types of studies, for example, gastric fgds, the situation here is slightly different, and in order to fully understand whether or not you can brush your teeth before this procedure, you need to know the features of this examination.

  • I never listened to the admonition not to eat before taking a blood test. For me, breakfast, like the British, is the main calorie intake for the day. Remember the wisdom: "Eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend, give dinner to the enemy."

    I am absolutely in parallel with what the results of the analysis will show - these are not my problems. It is not necessary to change the established way of life for the sake of some analyzes. Well, toothpaste is just nonsense: there is no sugar, only xylitol.

    If they are so suspicious, toothpaste is not the main component of brushing your teeth. A toothbrush and water are all you need. If we recall the Indians and vagabonds, then a stick with bark is generally enough for them.

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