Can an MRI of the spine be done without a doctor's referral?

Can an MRI of the spine be done without a doctor's referral?

  • There are two types of medical institutions, public and fully private. In our region, the procedure is as follows, if a family doctor gives a referral, then in this area you have the right to apply to any medical institution that has entered into an agreement with the state. The state allocates quotas to each medical institution for partial payment for procedures, including MRI. That is, in the direction of a family doctor, the procedure will be carried out at a reduced cost.

    Without a doctor's referral, you CANNOT do an examination, even having paid the full and rather large cost of the procedure.

    The fact is that the direction indicates the area of ​​the body that needs to be examined, and the method of examination is indicated, whether it is contrasting or not. Based on the examination, the doctor who prescribed the referral will have to prescribe further treatment.

    A referral can be prescribed by a doctor in the paid medical center itself, if he undertakes to give an opinion after the examination. But I see no logic in this.

  • It is possible, but not entirely reasonable.

    Since you may not know exactly which part of the spine you need to check, therefore, you risk paying more money for an MRI, and the examination is not cheap.

    The main thing in MRI is a good transcript, that is, a competent doctor who will describe the images.

  • In our clinic, a doctor's referral is required. When going through this procedure, you need to know exactly which area you need to examine. therefore, you need to have a document with you containing the following points:

    Can an MRI of the spine be done without a doctor's referral?

  • If you think that an MRI will help your problem, you can have it done by yourself. And then, according to its results, contact a specialized doctor.

    Only if you are a beneficiary in paying for an MRI, if you are without a referral, you are unlikely to get the right to a benefit (my mother has a benefit as a participant in the Second World War).

  • Nowadays, when everything is bought, you can do an MRI without a doctor's referral. Just let us think logically, from you came for an examination and what should be removed for you? The whole spine? And why pay extra money and receive extra doses of radiation? I would advise you to first consult a doctor in order to clarify which parts of the spine need to be examined, maybe the doctor recommends other methods of examination.

  • It is possible, but only if paid, usually paid research is carried out in private medical institutions.

    But ... is it worth doing an MRI, if there are no complaints about it, if you are simply examined to calm your soul, then you should know that MRI, like other medical devices, has the ability to emit, which is certainly harmful to the body.

    If you go to a state medical institution, then during the examination with the help of an MRI, you will be required to send you a referral from the attending physician, unless of course there are any complaints, complaints about the spine, which the doctor sends for additional examinations.

    You can do an MRI only on a first come, first served basis, and if you don’t want to wait in line, which can take a month, or even more, then in this case, you can simply pay and you can pass the examination out of line. As far as I know, this is partly the case in all state medical institutions.

    Also, as I know, if you are undergoing an inpatient examination and treatment, then you can do an MRI on the first call.

    Best wishes to you.

  • Sure you may. You just need to come to the medical center, where they perform the diagnostics on the tomograph, pay the set amount, and you will be examined, and then they will give printed results (pictures and description). The fact is that MRI diagnostics does not belong to cheap examinations, and that in the direction, that without a referral - you will have to pay anyway. Well, in any case, this is how it is in our city.

  • Probably possible if done in a private medical center.

    Although, I had a situation when I wanted to do an MRI for myself, just to be checked and was ready to pay money, but they refused me, for the reason that they cannot and will not do it without a doctor's referral.

  • It is clear that MRI of the spine is a high-paying examination and medical centers make money. But! High radiation exposure during this examination takes place! Is she really needed? Therefore, there will be justified referral from a doctor for an MRI of a specific department spine - lumbar, thoracic, cervical. You shouldn't harm yourself.

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