Is it possible to take the thyroid hormone test at a temperature?

Is it possible to take the thyroid hormone test at a temperature?

  • If the body temperature is not associated with a thyroid disease, and if the temperature is held for another reason (for example, a cold), it is possible, but in this case it is better not desirable, although the temperature with a cold is not considered to affect the thyroid hormone.

    But if the temperature is associated with a disease of the thyroid gland, then the thyroid hormone should not be taken by anyone, since the hormone with the temperature during blood collection - in this case, it may be increased.

    But if you still want to know the exact answer whether it is possible to donate hormones at a temperature, it is better to ask your attending physician - an endocrinologist.

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  • One can. The presence of a cold, temperature and even menstruation does not affect the results of the analysis.

    Doctors endocrinologists do not advise you to donate blood only when you have experienced severe stress before giving blood, were nervous, worried about something. The presence of such strong and negative feelings increases the level of hormones in the blood and in order to accurately establish their level, it is necessary to donate blood in the morning on an empty stomach and in a quiescent state.

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