Is it possible to play sports with HIV?

Is it possible to play sports with HIV?

  • Better not necessary, since all this bacillus can be transmitted through the blood. Therefore, with contact types of martial arts, for example, with boxing, you can corny infecting other athletes with your rubbish, who do not even know about it.

  • This infection is more dangerous, in the first place, concomitant diseases. That is, you can die from pneumonia or tuberculosis. The body will not be able to defeat the disease.

    Therefore, a person needs to be careful, as with any infectious disease.

    No need for excessive overload, hypothermia, prolonged stay in crowded places, for no particular reason. As far as possible, naturally.

    You need to lead a healthy lifestyle and take medications. HAART or whatever the infectious disease specialist will prescribe.

    This does not say that it is necessary to lie on the sofa. If there are no concomitant diseases (it is clear that with tuberculosis, for example, you will not go to pump iron), then moderate loads are quite acceptable. Walking, swimming, cycling. Why not, if you feel well and under the supervision of a doctor.

    They say there are also professional athletes with HIV.

  • The period from the moment of infection, infection with the human immunodeficiency virus, to AIDS can be 10 or more years. A healthy lifestyle, including sports, increases this period. The household route of infection has not been proven.

    Imagine that during sports activities partners bite to the blood and in the mouth of an HIV-infected person there are bleeding wounds, rather it is possible in fights without rules. And so HIV-infected ordinary people lead their usual way of life and, subject to certain rules, are completely safe for others.

  • Yes, leave off the infected, there are already so many of them that it is quite possible that you communicate with them or work every day, these people are no different from you, and how long have you been checked yourself?

    It is very difficult for an infected person receiving treatment to infect a healthy person, all the more sexually, it is generally difficult, HIV chokes and people give birth to healthy children, and have even higher immunity than our healthy ones, thanks to drugs.

    These people can do anything, they are no worse than us, understand this. All cautious conclusions are based only on the horror stories of the 90s.

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