Do I need to buy an inhaler for a child?

Do I need to buy an inhaler for a child?

  • If the family has a small child, it means that colds are frequent, especially if the child attends public institutions (kindergarten, school).

    As a therapeutic and even prophylactic agent in the initial stages of the disease, such agents are very helpful.

    Only we prefer the NEBULIZER inhaler - this is the same inhalation, only it is at room temperature, which is very important if the child's temperature rises (at elevated temperatures, hot inhalations are contraindicated). In fact, the child breathes a medicinal mixture (or simply Borjomi mineral water, or sea water), which falls into his throat and descends further, or into the nasopharynx in the form of a fog - microscopic droplets of medicine scattered in the air.

    It's much better than taking antibiotics or dye syrups.

  • Sure you may. It's better than feeding a child with pills.

  • I would buy. Not because she would have assumed that the child would start to get sick. Well if it doesn't come in handy. But if you need it, it's better to have it in advance than to run around looking and try to fit into the budget. Choose in advance, find out in what cases to apply, whether it can be used by adults, what else will need to be purchased additionally.

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