Glasses or contact lenses? What to choose a young girl?

Glasses or contact lenses? What to choose a young girl?

  • It is not written how old the young girl is, but I would still recommend contact lenses. Now, of course, you can pick up very beautiful modern frames and the girl's face will be very beautiful with glasses. But the girl is still young and during the formation of the cranial bone a defect is formed just below the temple part. And the lenses will not harm this - the main thing is to follow the rules for wearing and storing them, which is not so difficult.

  • In fact, both glasses and contact lenses have their pros and cons. So to say that, for example, contact lenses should be chosen, but glasses should not be - a deep delusion. Everything is selected individually, including depending on the type of activity of the girl, woman or man. But contact lenses are probably more practical for girls.

    With contact lenses, you can change the color of your eyes, they don't fall out, you don't have to worry about them breaking. With contact lenses and it is not noticeable that the girl has "bad" eyesight.

    But with glasses, the girl looks more educated, more attractive to many men, less accessible. The girl with glasses looks solid and businesslike.

    And this is not all the advantages of glasses and contact lenses. So everything is chosen individually.

  • If the diopter is small, the lenses can restore vision. From minus one to one and a half. It didn't work out for me, because when I started wearing lenses (at the age of 20, by the way), I was minus 4. Now I'm 29, I wear only lenses, glasses are very rare and only indoors. Eyes get tired with glasses, because there is a load on peripheral vision. As you know, in nearsighted people it is relatively stronger than in people with normal vision. No need to squander him. If the lenses are well chosen, and you wear them correctly, then you can keep your vision at the level ... In glasses, it sinks quickly (like in my childhood, almost instantly from minus one to minus 3,5)

    There is one drawback to the lenses: they cannot be removed quickly, or, for example, they cannot be worn during a cold. But I'm doing fine, because I have spare glasses. And travel is easy. I travel a lot, I leave home almost every week, I just take a container and solution with me.

  • All the same, lenses will be closer to a young girl. Yes, they are more harmful than glasses (injury, infection), but do you think about it at this time. I would like to be active, not to be shy, no matter what gets in the way. Glasses are a serious complex for someone. And the lenses can be used carefully, without harm.

  • I wear glasses at home, and go out into the street in lenses. But I have a pair of glasses in a beautiful and original frame. Sometimes, depending on the mood, I can complete my image with glasses that match my appearance. So it's up to you to decide what is more convenient and beautiful for you.

  • Both will not hurt.

    Lenses are very convenient, they will not fog up from going from a cold street to a warm room, they are convenient for doing any physical activity, etc.

    It is convenient to read in glasses, in them the eyes rest from the lenses, they can add a "zest" to the image.

  • Glasses or contact lenses to advise a young girl? As it seems to me, both may be suitable. If you prefer contact lenses to glasses, then their advantage is in many ways superior. Firstly, they do not spoil your face, they will not interfere with your nose and you will not have to constantly correct them, secondly, the lenses do not distort images, thirdly, they do not limit lateral vision, and, finally, fourthly, contact lenses, unlike glasses, do not fog up. But lenses have their drawbacks, for example, if a speck gets under the lens, it can cause an unpleasant sensation and bring you a lot of inconvenience.

    Many young girls are simply embarrassed to wear glasses. I think this is nonsense! The girl with glasses looks smart and even sexy. But you can also alternate: wear glasses at home, and wear contact lenses to work (to school, for a walk, and so on).

    And whatever there is a choice between glasses and contact lenses, then treat your eyesight better and take care of it!

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