First aid for acute respiratory infections? Is it possible to cure quickly? How and how?

First aid for acute respiratory infections? Is it possible to cure quickly? How and how?

  • Folk remedy for an adult:

    If you feel that you are starting to get sick, and do not mope for a whole week, then it will definitely help:

    1. Take a jar of mayonnaise or another, but glass and so that the lid closes tightly;

    2.Cut the peeled garlic cloves in circles into a jar to close the bottom by 1 cm.

    3. Close the jar and set aside until perspiration appears on the walls from the inside;

    Next: have a hearty dinner and lie down under the covers, preferably in the evening, so as not to get up. Place a jar and half a glass of vodka next to it. as little as possible.

    From time to time, opening the lid, inhale deeply the evaporation of the garlic through your nose and, without exhaling, take a sip of vodka. Close the jar, cover with a blanket.

    You will feel the heat inside, pleasant warmth. Lie down until the heat stops.

    And again the same thing, and so on until sips of vodka ends. Fall asleep - the next morning you are healthy.

    This is if the disease is not started, but only the beginning. Get well!

  • From a medical point of view, it is possible to defeat a cold disease - if you immediately begin to be treated, at the first symptoms, but if the disease is in an advanced stage, you will not be able to win right away.

    But ... if you have a cold, inhalation with essential oils, like eucalyptus, will not interfere; lavender; fir, very effective - if the nose is stuffy (runny nose), it will be better for rinsing - saline solution; sage broth; from oak bark; from chamomile.

    And also good teas in a warm form - from linden; mint and lemon balm; you can drink rosehip tea with a slice of lemon; warm milk with honey; by the way, raspberry jam, black currant jam.

    You should never forget about such remedies - garlic and onions, which are good at helping to fight colds.

  • Quickly, only if you stay at home for at least a couple of days. On the legs, ARI can last for a long time. Do not spend money on kagocels, ergoferons and other ferons, these are dummies with a zero evidence base

  • First aid and preventive measures should be simple and preferably natural. I like Evamenol ointment - protection against viruses and a remedy for the common cold

    First aid for acute respiratory infections? Is it possible to cure quickly? How and how?

  • I was cured in three days without taking a single pill. Just tea with lemon every hour, adding five drops of propolis to alcohol. Mustard plasters in socks (if there is no temperature) and ppm with milk. I wish you health.

  • I manage to recover quickly, but if I don't let everything take its course, and I begin to heal from the first symptoms. I start with the antiviral Amiksin in order to stop the virus and not get sick, then I take up the symptoms in the form of a cough and a runny nose. Well, it is imperative not to endure the disease on your feet, at least a couple of days, but to lie down.

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