Is it good or bad if there is no fever with a cold?

Is it good or bad if there is no fever with a cold?

  • I have not stopped.

    And he simply does not consider it necessary to raise the temperature for the sake of relatively harmless viruses.

    Well, as the maximum will rise to 37-37,5, and before the heat, it will not rise after 38-. This is also not a weak load for him.

    Drink tea or milk with honey, warm up, sit at home, rest a little.

    Aspirin and acorbinki will help.

    And eat more onions, and garlic, substances. they contain - kill viruses and bacteria.

    Well, vodka with pepper can be injected before bedtime, it will help to sweat, and this is also a way to alleviate suffering and recovery.

  • Colds are just different. A year ago, the throat was split, and the temperature is 37,3 maximum. I went to the doctor. Diagnosis - acute catarrhal rhinopharyngitis. Which, by the way, is accompanied by such an insidious temperature.

    Maybe it's not about immunity. But you need to see a doctor just in case. At least for the sake of their own reassurance.

  • Bad. A good cold does not last long, the temperature rises to 39 degrees, after a crisis, recovery.

  • According to medical practice, if a patient does not have a fever, and acute respiratory infections or ARVI are on the face, then they usually made a diagnosis without any. And of course, if a general practitioner is normal, and not with a purchased diploma, then he will make this diagnosis with only one sight of the patient. You know, I am also a typical "type", when there is no temperature, and you are sick so that it is just right to lie under the covers, warm up and not even stick your nose out anywhere. In my case, this was due to assimilation to relocation for a long time. Already back in 1990, 25 boys threw us from Rostov-on-Don to Khabarovsk. I think that few of our people do not tolerate this assimilation, just everyone has their own immunity. But I "hummed" there to the hospital, and was ill for almost 2 weeks. And then everything went more or less normally. During the two years of service, I never got sick again, except that once I had a fever due to a tooth. And when I returned home, my temperature rose above 38 degrees only twice in many years. The rest was really normal. What is most interesting is that every time you have to be treated differently, there has never been that one medicine helps twice. Recently I also fell ill, so the temperature did not rise above 36 without any tenths. And the state was such that it was just horror. And if I said that the body is not fighting, I would be lying, because usually the crisis lasts a maximum of two days, then the condition improves and the body returns to normal, there is only a runny nose, which I already have constantly. And, by the way, it is not always the cold that goes on its own course. There is a similar situation with allergies. Especially in people who are addicted to rhinitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis and other diseases associated with the respiratory system, that is, those who have problems with the nasopharynx. Then you are afraid to even sleep. For example, my wife wakes me up at night, namely because my breathing becomes intermittent or even stops breathing altogether, as it seems to her. But when she talks, I still get scared. So you can go to the next world during sleep. Only now it's too early for me to go there ... And advice - drink plenty of herbal tea with honey. Now you can buy whole fees in pharmacies. But now there is nothing to treat the nose. No droplets will help, they only ruin the whole breath. The nose becomes a "addict", getting used to the droplets, because wherever you look at the base of all xylometazoline droplets, the only difference is in the supplements. In this case, you need to try a whole bunch of different drops in order to pick up those that will help with your worst runny nose. And from the head, only a dream is suitable. Only it helps to get on your feet more normally. If they don't give you a sick leave, take a vacation at your own expense and get medical treatment.

  • I have the same thing, and the temperature never rose, and the pressure, as usual, is 110 to 70.

    It brought me to curiosities. There was even a case - flu I was falling off my feet - I could not stand. Fell right into a cafe - an ambulance arrived. Measured the temperature - 37,4 - "You are healthy! Nothing simulate"

    He explained as best he could - Please understand, my head is cracking, you see, and a runny nose is unrestrained, I can’t stand on my feet.

    "We understand that there is a widespread flu in the yard, and you want simulate to the real sick. The maximum you can have renit".

    • I’m in your bulletin, I don’t ask, at least give me some medicine for the flu.

    I could not then explain that I was sick, but I managed to get medicine for the flu. In general

    waved his hand at these doctors, in the evening a stoparik with pepper, after a couple of days he seemed to have recovered, at least his legs did not give way.

    So that is not always a good thing.

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