Why is insulin given intravenously and not in pill form?

Why is insulin given intravenously and not in pill form?

  • As a doctor, my answer is simple and clear. Insulin is the hum of the pancreas, which is injected several times a day for various forms of diabetes. Intravenous absorption occurs ten times faster than oral (oral) administration. And patients with diabetes mellitus have a constant risk of entering and hypoglycemic To whom, therefore, the drug "insulin" should act as quickly as possible and without loss. The tablets are far from being absorbed 100% - after all, before getting into the SUCTION ZONE (intestines), the tablets pass through the stomach with its aggressive environment and lose their activity. By the way, in my experience of working on the ambulance, insulin is injected both subcutaneously and intramuscularly, and not just intravenously:

    Why is insulin given intravenously and not in pill form?

  • All quite natural. The fact that insulin is injected intravenously (by the way, it is also injected intramuscularly and subcutaneously), and pills are not drunk, is quite simply explained. The whole point is that for people suffering from diabetes, it is important that the medicine begins to act as soon as possible and completely gets into the body for action. And such an effect cannot be achieved when taking tablets, because, firstly, the tablets are not completely absorbed, and secondly, they act much more slowly.

  • Insulin is a polypeptide, a hormone, it contains amino acids that polymerize, transforming molecules into a certain stereochemical configuration, which is important, affects the action of insulin. If insulin is taken orally, it will be exposed to various digestive enzymes, which will lead to the breakdown of insulin into macromolecules. Insulin is also not resistant to acid, which is contained in gastric juice, it will affect its structure.

    However, from a theoretical point of view, nothing is impossible. Perhaps, having solved these two problems, in the future it will be possible to take the drug in the form of pills.

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