Why does tea in bags hurt my stomach?

Why does tea in bags hurt my stomach?

  • Hello!

    I have the following to tell you about tea.

    1. The best tea is the one that is in iron cans and has whole leaves.
    2. The lower quality is the one in the cardboard box. But it has insulating foil in the package.
    3. Poor quality tea in a cardboard box and a simple wrapper.
    4. And tea that is in bags is dust collected in the workshop for processing tea leaves and its packaging. Plus, dye and flavor are added there. In a word, shit.

    And lastly, advice: if you want to know if the tea has a dye, do the following. Place the bag in a glass and pour in cold water. If the water is darker, there is chemistry.

  • Probably, for tea bags the lowest quality tea is taken, tea dust, and even, perhaps, something is added there for weight. It is not for nothing that the taste of packaged tea is completely different from that of custard. If your stomach hurts from such tea, then you need to stop drinking it.

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