Why don't they sleep in their nightcaps nowadays, as they used to?

Why don't they sleep in their nightcaps nowadays, as they used to?

  • I heard two versions, the first one that sleeping quarters had not been deliberately heated earlier, the temperature was maintained at 11-16 degrees and bonnets were generally the privilege of rich, wealthy people who could afford different temperature regimes in the house.

    The second is just the opposite - a low temperature regime due to the fact that they could not heat the houses sufficiently, hence the caps.

    Still, if there is central heating in the room, even with the window open, it will not be as cold as it used to be.

    Well, besides, in Soviet times, such things were considered relics of the past, everything that had at least some hint of aristocratic life was not approved at best, at worst it was possible to thunder in the camps.

  • First, it was warmer this way. The house was heated (if it was heated!) From the evening and by the morning it was already getting cold.

    Secondly, the prevention of lice and generally dirty pillows (you never know where you had to sleep - in a tavern to spend the night, for example!).

    And thirdly, just a tribute to fashion.

    Heating in cities is now established.

    There are no lice in most modern apartments.

    And fashion has changed a long time ago - now many ladies prefer not a nightgown, but a natural night suit.

  • I think that the cap was needed for several reasons: 1. So that the head does not freeze during sleep, when the temperature in the bedroom is not higher than 16 degrees. I like to sleep at this temperature (12 to 16 degrees), so I have to cover my head with something. 2. To prevent the hair scattered on the pillow from getting into the mouth and not getting tangled during the night. 3. Dyed hair leaves dark spots on the white pillowcase (any dark paint will peel off and leave marks on towels, pillowcases, light collars). I described my reasons why I really want to buy a bonnet. I can't buy it anywhere. We'll have to sew ...

  • If at the present time you spend the night in an old, country house, in winter, then by morning it will become quite clear why they wore caps, your head will freeze. Old houses have poor thermal insulation, by the morning the heat blows out. Another reason for using bonnets was to protect long hair from tangling.

  • Good question. Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to it, but I immediately remembered my grandmother. She died in 1975, she was old, but she went and did everything herself. A native of Leningrad, professor of biology. She survived the blockade, smoked Belomor, and her friends had pipes. And what I really liked was the iron bed with balls, with ruffles, the canopy over it and the nightcap. I dreamed about this :-) and the pantaloons are night, the beauty is just ... It was warm in the apartment, so it was not the cold that was the reason. Probably, as they say, it was so accepted. Sun, I went on to remember. How they made a house under the bed with a neighboring boy, how they made a police rod from a stick to push the curtains :-) Oh, and it was great :-)

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