Tell me the fastest way to lose weight? How to throw off 10 kg per week?

Tell me the fastest way to lose weight? How to throw off 10 kg per week?

  • I will not even advise, because this is a real harm to health. Such express diets with a sharp drop in body weight entail disturbances and disruptions in the body: from the cessation of menstruation (against the background of hormonal changes) to problems with the kidneys, liver, and stomach.

    The optimal weight loss, which will not negatively affect your health, will be approximately 3 to 5 kg per month. And more and faster - for those who do not think that later they will have to work on medicines.

  • The fastest way to lose 10 kg is, of course, fasting. To relieve suffering, you can drink 2 sips of slightly sweet tea every half hour, even better than herbal tea, for example, chamomile, which is sold in any pharmacy. At the same time, cleanse the body and remove all the inflammations that are there. But, few people survive for a week. At one time I withstood three days. I needed to cure a severe allergy. Helped cleanse the body. If you decide to starve, go into hunger gradually, and go out, also gradually. This is more beneficial for the body.

    But, it is better not to get carried away with this. A drastic weight loss is possible, but the weight returns almost always. You have to be a very strong-willed girl just to eat less, not allowing the body to eat away.

  • Weight loss that will cause minimal harm to health - about 2 kg per week, no more.

    10 kg can only be thrown off with a severe hunger strike and cardio loads, but such "stress" for the body will eventually result in major health problems and even extreme weight gain, as soon as nutrition is restored.

    Optimal weight loss is a combination of strength, aerobic training with PP (good nutrition).

    If you need it URGENTLY !!

    On my own I can recommend BODIFLEX. Takes 15 minutes a day, you need to do it in the morning, on an empty stomach. It is the VOLUMES that leave very quickly, not weight, moreover, fatty deposits that destroy oxygen molecules. Cellulite and skin irregularities are quickly burned, the skin is tightened.

    Add to this drinking plenty of water, avoiding starchy foods and sweets, and, in principle, in a week you will LOSE SIGNIFICANTLY.

    This is what I tried personally when I needed to Lose weight fast and get in shape.

    Good luck!

  • Hunger strike and sports, you just need to be careful, you need to consult a doctor!

  • If you eat enough and still want to poop and write, step on the scales, you will see the number 120.

    Then after the toilet you will begin to weigh 113-114 kilograms, all this will remain to make up for training and drinking water.

    You drink water for a week and dance, run, walk, move, but you only drink water.

    You will lose 10 kilograms in a week, but this is only if you weigh more than 120 kilograms and you are not over 40.


    As far as I know, 10 kg per week can be thrown off only when deep-sea diving in a special rigid spacesuit.

    And in general, such a rapid weight loss is fraught with a lot of troubles and troubles. Yes, it is better to go to the beach fat and healthy than poison yourself with pills and then lose weight due to many diseases. fasting-start for storing fat, already concrete and guaranteed. The body, having experienced at least once the stress of starvation, MUST begin to store in the form of subcutaneous fat. Therefore, most of those who are on diets are overweight.

    Eating less and moving more is the only way to lose weight. That is, you consume less calories than you spend.

    Be healthy and beautiful, and remember that sick people, even very thin ones, are not beautiful.

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