Solution Infulgan (infulgan) what reviews?

Solution Infulgan (infulgan) what reviews?

  • For intravenous administration from non-narcotic analgesics in a hospital, when it is necessary to lower the high temperature, the range is small.

    But analgin with diphenhydramine is used intramuscularly more. Although you can and a vein.

    Therefore, the appearance of the drug Infulgan will be of interest. For drip infusion.

    A rapid onset of effect is expected, as with other intravenous drugs.

    Paracetamol is recognized as a low-toxic drug, without side effects. There are also few contraindications.

  • I understand that the question is mine and fresh, but I asked it after personal experience, it became interesting how this medicine works on others.

    With the permission of the bvshniks, I will also write about my experience.

    Not so long ago I had three operations on my legs, but not in a row, but with breaks. And there was a difference of three weeks between the first and second operations.

    After the first one, everything was good in terms of anesthesia, even Analgin with Diphenhydramine kept me well.

    On the second step, the kapets came: they stopped anesthetizing me with intramuscular drugs completely. But this is not so bad. I am an adult already and even put up with my mother, I didn’t say it right away.

    There was a problem at times worse for me, the sleep was gone.

    Eyes stick together, and I do not sleep for days. Rather, she did not sleep for 2 days and my mother went to the doctor.

    I don't know what it was connected with, but he told me to drip Infulgan three times on a slow dropper. It costs only a penny, but it helped indescribably. However, I don't remember. what he was bred with. But they dripped for three hours I never thought it was so difficult just to lie down. True, I slept through the first dropper completely, the second two I already remember.

    But nothing hurt at all and slept after it. Like a murdered woman. I didn’t even take sleeping pills.

    1000 milliliters in a vial was divided into 4 doses of 250 to me. But 250 ml was dripped to me in a dropper, there are suspicions that it was purely Infulgan and dripped, but there is no 100 percent certainty.

    In my ward, it was also very helpful to another patient who dripped it. So, the impressions are only positive. And it costs much cheaper than the drugs that they refused to take me.

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