Is the heart on the right normal?

Is the heart on the right normal?

  • You yourself answered your own question. The heart on the right is an abnormality.

  • Reverse arrangement (mirrored) is a very rare case of the development of an organism. This situation cannot be attributed to an anomaly, as well as left-handedness. If you are feeling well, there should be no other incidents with internal organs, I mean developmental anomalies. This condition of the body is called situs inversus. Has managed to you to be such a copy of 1: 10000 people. You need to know well that all your internal organs are located the other way around. Doctors should always be warned about this right away. Otherwise, there may be misunderstandings. For 30 years of work, I will consider you the second copy that I came across.

    The first case was not a problem. Woman 35 years old. Acute appendicitis. Date pain in the right iliac region. We went for an appendectomy, as it should be on the right. And, we cannot find the process, the sigmoid colon comes under our arms. The operation was carried out under local anesthesia. Seeing our torment in the search for the appendix, the woman said that the heart is not on the right. The surgeon who took e was well fed that he did not listen to the woman's heart. They made an incision on the left, the appendix immediately appeared, but normal. Ah, there were peritoneal symptoms. The reason must be found. Already under anesthesia, a midline laparotomy was performed. During the revision of the entire intestine, we nevertheless found a twisted fatty suspension with necrosis. The woman was left all in our scars. In those days, they did not even even know about endoscopy.

    The "mirror" person should be more careful with medicine. And, the rest of the body is quite normal.

  • In standard human anatomy, the heart is on the left side in the chest, but as we know, among humans, individuals are born whose organ physiology differs from the standard. It would be interesting to know how the location of the heart in your case affects health in general and separately, here is the standard anatomy of the heart.

    Is the heart on the right normal?

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