How much beer can a woman drink per day?

How much beer can a woman drink per day?

  • Well, a question. Everyday? Girl? Yes, even if every week on a mug (jar, half-liter bottle) - and then you should already think about whether this is addiction. Half a liter a week will not bring any harm, but such a habit is absolutely useless, because the dose will increase. And, most likely, a gradual transition to increasingly strong drinks is inevitable.

    Don't drink wine (and beer too!), Gertrude!

  • Of course, you can drink beer, but sometimes not a lot. A woman can drink 330 ml of beer a day. But again, here heredity and the state of health of the body and psychological norms of a person play a role. Many people know that female alcoholism is incurable and women are faster than men addicted to alcohol.So lovely women, be careful with what seems so harmless to us.

  • Not at all.

    There are several reasons. First, beer contains alcohol. It is a drug and a poison. Secondly, beer contains phytoestrogens, which in their effect on the body are similar to that of estrogens.

    The human body, in particular the female, normally produces enough alcohol and estrogen. Their additional intake from outside leads to various unpleasant health consequences. As described by many.

  • Neither a woman nor a man can drink beer at all. More precisely, nothing will come from a tablespoon of beer. The body will handle it. After drinking a glass of 0,5, mild poisoning will be felt. For example, if I drink a glass of 0,5 beer, then I will feel worse for a week than if I did not drink alcohol. This is a mild malaise. Without harm to health, this is about a sip of beer. But you don't get drunk from a sip of beer.

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