How many months can you give the child raw water?

How many months can you give the child raw water?

  • Now pure raw water can not be found, if only in the mountain springs that hit from the ground somewhere far away in the mountains.

    Our water that runs from the tap is not only not useful, but it can be said that it is poisonous.

    No need to give an e child of any age at all.

  • If a baby breast-feeding does not need to give any water, mother's milk is food and water, at least for up to six months, but if the baby is complementary, then water should be given, but only filtered boiled water.

  • It’s raw and raw water, any water needs to be boiled before serving, no spring can boast of crystal-clear water, since, for example, E. coli makes its way deep underground. Well, if you want to give your child raw water, then preferably after 1, then at least some immunity will be and the consequences will not be so bad.

  • My mother-in-law is a doctor, to my son, personally on the e advice we give mineral water "Baby" from about 2 months. Well, rarely boil if such water is over.

    How many months can you give the child raw water?

    And you can say buy water purifier "barrier" or "aquaphor", and purify the water in it. But such water can be given from about 8 months.

    How many months can you give the child raw water?

    Let me explain: In raw water there are a lot of beneficial bacteria and trace elements that are important for the body, but I can not help but say that there are a lot of harmful ones, and lime is also not useful, which is contained in the water. And if you boil it, then it becomes without any bacteria, that is, it is neither healthy nor harmful!

    But it’s one thing in the apartment to drink tap water, and quite another, to draw water from a column or well. There the water is much cleaner, and without any impurities.

  • Never give raw water to your baby. Even if someone claims that the water is crystal clear, spring and does not contain pathogenic parasites, then boil it all the same. Berezhny, as they say, God takes care of.

  • A baby who is breastfed does not need water for up to six months. And on artificial feeding the child should be given water, then only boiling water. And you can’t give raw so small. Now bottled water will be sold especially for children, but it’s better to beware of giving it up to a year.

  • Raw water is not recommended to drink even for adults, and even more so for a child. There is a special purified water for children. Here it can be given even after a year. I think that your baby does not need intestinal colic in your baby, so it’s better to boil water.

    How many months can you give the child raw water?

  • In principle, it is better not to give raw water, and I do not recommend drinking it myself.

  • From no age. For adults, drinking raw tap water is not recommended, and even more so for a child, especially in cities, since chlorinated water. I always let tap water pass through the filter and I boil it for sure- myself and the baby all the more, although my daughter has not been breast-fed for a long time.

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