Raw beet juice - how is it useful and in what quantities?

Raw beet juice - how is it useful and in what quantities?

  • Raw beet juice is the most mentioned remedy in juice therapy, it is included in absolutely all medicinal juice collections number 1 !! And you can drink it only if it has settled down even a little after squeezing, or diluted with water, otherwise it is not recommended, although it is still better than not drinking !! And what is useful for everyone, probably, since that is so !! I drink it when necessary, instead of juice, cutting the beets into a jar of water and infusing it a little. Saves from cystitis, vitamin deficiency. Raises hemoglobin, - we already said. Washes the insides, cleans out the digestive tract through fiber, in general, it's a good panicle! ! Cleansing for the body!

  • After the birth of the baby, my hemoglobin dropped sharply, my head was very dizzy and I was very weak. An elderly nurse came up to me in the maternity hospital, and when she found out that I had low hemoglobin, she said: "When you get out and be at home, drink raw beet juice and eat buckwheat porridge." My hemoglobin rose to 140, I drank a little bit, because if I drink a lot, my pressure may go down. Enough for 50 ml daily.

  • Fresh beet juice very helpful, he improves blood composition, which means it heals the whole body, but you have to be very careful with it.

    It should be taken in small quantities and better, as a cocktail, along with carrot juice and cream, or at least with milk.

    Beet juice 25-30 ml, carrot juice 50 ml, cream 2 tablespoons.

    Such a cocktail is drunk in the morning in a course of 2 weeks.

    It helps a lot to recuperate after an illness, it just heals.

    Raw beet juice - how is it useful and in what quantities?

  • In folk medicine, beet juice is used to cleanse the kidneys, liver, and blood. Promotes an increase in hemoglobin, has anti-aging properties, prevents heart disease, is useful for hypertension. It is recommended to drink this juice mixed with carrot juice up to 0,5 liters per day.

  • The juice is very useful for rinsing sore throat, tested on myself.

  • I drink beet juice regularly, after taking strong drugs, to cleanse the body of accumulated chemical ingredients. Therefore, during treatment, beet juice should not be consumed, since the effect of drugs is reduced by an order of magnitude.

    I squeeze the beets together with the carrots, about one to three, keep the juice in the refrigerator for about an hour. After taking the juice, it is advised to lie down for a while to stabilize the blood pressure.

    Beet juice not only increases hemoglobin, it activates the entire process of hematopoiesis, forcing the bone marrow to produce blood cells more actively.

    You need to drink beet juice incrementally - from one tablespoon to half a glass in a week. If you feel discomfort in the intestines, stomach, it is better to stop the procedure, due to individual intolerance.

  • The juice contains a lot of mineral salts, so you won't drink a lot of it. But as a general tonic and for the prevention of colds, it is very little needed, and regularly.

  • It is useful for anemia, as well as for toxicity of the body, it can cleanse the whole body, it normalizes the pressure. It is better to drink it not as juice, but in the form of fresh juice, that is, in combination with other juices, only beetroot must first be kept in the refrigerator for 2 hours, and only then added to freshly squeezed juice from other ingredients ..

  • Beet juice, like other vegetable juices, is useful in that it contains a huge amount of vitamins.

    Fresh beetroot juice should be drunk two hours after you cook it.

    I had kidney stones and gallbladder sand and drank twice a day i.e. in the morning and in the evening, 1 glass of beet juice half an hour before meals.

    The course of treatment was 2 weeks.

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